Sellers out there

  1. How do you decide the right prize for your bag? Obvoiusly the condition of the bag but do you base it on the age of your bag from when it was purchased?

    How do you get a good out come if your selling on auction sites? do you sell it auction style or buy it now?

    Thanks i look forward in your input
  2. i think you might find more replies and information if you post this in the eBay forum. That part of the site is very resourceful. Good Luck!!
  3. I decide based on a number of factors. I think about the condition, how much I paid for it, how old it is, and how popular the print/color/style is.

    I tend to go for auction style. If you are afraid of it selling too low, you can set a reserve price. I like to start bidding a bit low to get some people interested. They may be willing to shell out a couple hundred for a fabulous bag, but they would love it even more if they could get it for less. I guess I do it based on how I am willing to bid. I'd rather bid on a bag that starts at 50, and set my max to 200 than be the only bidder on a bag and get it for 150 even though I'm willing to pay more than that for it. It's a little weird, but I don't think that I'm the only one who does this.
  4. Never an exact science, but I base most of my decisions on comparisons I find during completed auction search for the same brand / style / age / condition.

    Usually what I find is this. If the bag is current, hard to find, or a rare vintage it will most likely take top dollar, so auction style is best. Other than that a combo of some sort like starting the bidding at the lowest you will accept along with a slightly higher buy-it-now. Or vice versa, list as a buy-it-now with best offer option available.

    I personally do not like reserves, it appears most of my bidders do not like this either.
  5. Pretty much my exact same reply. I also look to see how much other bags in the same condition, style, color, ect., are going for and the buy it now prices on those.