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  1. How do you think they get so many chanels at the same time? I am trying to buy a bag from personalshoppers and am wondering if it is really authentic!!!!! It is $600.00 chaper than a retail price. Do these sellers work at a boutique or something so get an employee discount? What do you think guys?
  2. Personalshoppers is a reputable seller. Which bag are you talking about? Maybe it has been on sale that they are able to offer it at below retail?
  3. i think that is a reissue from last year ~ that'll be why it's at a reduced price ~ nice bag!
  4. This is a jumbo classic flap with mademoiselle closure. I'm sure it was purchased before all of the 2007 increases, so probably at around $1700 - $1,800.

    Viki, just because a bag has a mademoiselle closure it does not make it a "reissue". It's only a "reissue" if it looks exactly like the original 2.55 bag, and technically not even then. Technically the only "reissues" are the one's from 2005. All others should just be referred to as 2.55
  5. That isn't a reissue.

    Either way, she is very reputable. I hate eBay in general but she is the one seller I would definitely buy from. She seems highly recommended on tPF.