Sellers Not Answering eMails

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  1. Yesterday I sent a few eMails to sellers auctioning Chanel Cabas bags, requesting varied clarifications. Only one answered, who was annoyed that I would question authenticity...blah, blah, blah. The others never bothered to answer. At this point I think I'm better off going to Saks/Neimans/Channel Boutique and buying retail. You just never know what you're going to get on eBay, and now I'm very cynical.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  2. If authenticity is in question you should buy retail.
  3. No, you are not being cynical at all. You are just trying to protect yourself from a potential shady sale. We all have heard or even lived through our own eBay handbag nightmare. I have recently been burned and have not bought anything on eBay since. My DH rather me go the boutique than get a "deal" on eBay. If you want to know for certain that you are indeed getting an authentic item just buy it from the boutique, you maybe saving yourself a lot headaches in the future. Good luck if you decide to bid.
  4. To my mind if a seller doesn't respond take it as red they are counterfeit. As for the one who got a bit stroppy you could take that either way.....I don't think I'd risk it
  5. Hello,
    You've stated my exact sentiments...:smile:
    I just joined TPF the other day, and the women here really try to help each other. It's great.....
  6. If seller won't respond that should be a huge red flag, DON'T BUY.
  7. Michele I think you are right. Not answering emails is indeed a red flag. People being defensive about authenticity is another red flag. I asked a seller for a pic of the soles of a pair a shoes he/she claimed were used only once. He/She never sent them to me so I am doubtful that they are in that great condition. Don't bid if you have doubts. It's not worth it.
  8. If a seller does not answer my emails or refuses to send additional info/pix, etc., I don't buy from them.
  9. A seller selling authentic bags should NEVER, complain about answering emails, or sending additional pics. C'mon, they want to sell or not? I will see that as a red flag. Follow what others said here, go retail. Ebay is a nightmare and I admit there are a lots of honest sellers there. But after reading all the scary stories here, I'am very careful about buying bags there. Actually I bought a perfume 10 days ago, and NADA, NADA, NADA. No shipping, no perfume!!! It was a Dior addict eau the fraiche. One of the many versions of the perfume. The "great", "power", "godlike" seller is not responding any of my emails. Probably $57.00 dollars going through the toilet. But that's nothing compared to thousands of dollars that you can loose buying a bag. So good luck to everybody doing business in eBay!!
  10. I completely agree!! When I sell an item, I always get some ridiculous questions that the auction answers (dimenions, what comes with it, etc). However, since I'm trying to get a sale, I ALWAYS respond quickly and professionally. I never respond with "it's in the auction." I think that really takes away from the buying experience and turns potential buyers away.

    Try having the piece authenticated here before buying. I have seen a lot of AWESOME deals and a lot of NIGHTMARES. The best thing you can do is research - go to the store and check out the bag for yourself. That way, when you look at online pictures, you can make a judgement for yourself as well. OH, and the biggest thing, is ask for addt'l pictures to ensure that they have the bag with them. (that still may not prevent them from sending you a fake but at least you know that they didn't steal the pictures.) With that, their feedback, and the authentications from here, you should be good to go. If you're still not sure, then spend the extra money so that you are sure. GOOD LUCK!
  11. When sellers don't answer my questions, I always stay away from their listing. Once I questioned a seller about authentication. In stead of answering my question directly, he told me to check his feedback. That is exactly why I asked him since he has a neutral feedback indicated the item is not authentic but was refunded. I told him I did check his feedback, and that's why I emailed him. He never replied me then. That tells a lot!
  12. A few days ago I asked a seller how he/she was able to have inventory of so many Chanel Cabas bags? It was a legitimate question knowing how hard they are to get right now. Never heard back from that seller either. Can you imagine how many people are selling fakes on eBay? With the private ID you can't even warn people.
  13. Honestly, sometimes when a potential buyer emails me and is excessively demanding, I check their FB and will block them before their purchase. I don't need the stress and hassle of a bridezilla.
  14. Exactly. Private ID protects buyers' privacy, in the meantime it opens the windows for shill bidding.
  15. I take it you are referring to private auctions. I do this on every single one of my auctions for two reasons, my bidders were being poached by other sellers and to protect high value bidders from fake second chance offers. I've had many e-mails from buyers grateful that their ID is not shown because they don't want others knowing what they have bought.

    Private auctions are a blessing and a curse but until eBay starts getting their finger out with ID verification we have little choice but to do these things