Seller's new instructions for payment? Is this unsafe?

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  1. I just won something on ebay today and the seller sent me this email:

    You are the winning buyer for the XXXXXX .
    Thank you for your business.

    Just reply this email as soon as possible for new payment instructions(don't pay until you contact me). We can't use paypal right now,because we change the credit card account number in my paypal account & will be active in 10 days .If you have already sent the money,please cancel your order,in any case contact me for new payment instructions . We will make the transaction through eBay system.

    Your purchase:

    Item title: XXXX
    Item number: 2XXXX
    Buyer User ID: XXX
    Seller User ID: dXXXX
    Item location : seattle, WA, United States
    Ended : Jan-14-09 14:12:04 PST

    US30.00 insurance
    Included in the total price (optional)
    US0.00 Sales discounts
    (-) or charges (+)
    US00.00 shipping/handling

    The following payment methods are accepted: Only Money Order-via-Wire Transfer Right Now sorry.

    Please send me your shipping address & I will contact ebay for a new invoice with new payment instructions.

    Again, thank you for your business.

    XXXXXX- seattle, WA, United States

    What should I do?? Is this allowed? All advice is welcome!
  2. Don't do it! You have no protection if anything goes wrong. There's absolutely no way to recover your money if you don't get the item or it's not authentic, etc. You can tell the buyer that you'll do a mutual withdrawl saying that you can't agree on the payment terms (which won't get you a strike and gets you out of the agreement). If the seller doesn't want to, then you can report it to ebay since they can't change the accepted forms of payment after the auction ends.
  3. File NPS, refuse to pay. Non performing seller because they ADVERTISED PP as a payment method, and now they are rescinding that offer to something not cool.

    Email ebay and/or PP. I would pay via PP, so atleast ebay sees you tried to make the purchase. Atleast you can cancel the payment if they cancel the auction, or you can prove you paid and make them prove shipping if they get ugly and actually CAN use their PP account.
  4. Agree with the above...DON'T do it and file NPS.....
  5. I would just email the seller and say you are only willing to pay by Paypal and will wait the 10 days for her new credit card account to be activated.
  6. It could be they have their own credit card merchant account.
  7. ^ Which is perfectly fine.. but they are asking for an unsafe payment method as their only way to receive payment. :s
  8. I would be careful doing that. Seller could file a buyer strike for buyer not paying w/in the BAY's terms of 7 days (despite what seller identifies buyer has to pay by timeframe wize).
  9. I would do everything I could to get out of this transaction. This has scam written all over it to me. The seller is not allowed to change the terms of the sale after the auction ends (or even 12 hours before it ends). It sounds to me that they never intended to use PP and knows that *bay frowns on money orders these days. And, as said above, you will have no protection from item not received, etc. Report them to *bay and tell them "no thanks."
  10. NO NO NO!!!! RUN the other way NOW! That just has total scam written all over it! File the NPS and email PP & e*bay before you do anything else!
  11. Interesting. Basically, the seller is telling you that you will assume all of the risk of this transaction. And that business about contacting fBay for a new invoice and payment instructions...BS. IMO, if this were an honest seller, why didn't she/he mention this situation somewhere in the listing where buyers could see it before buying? Why wait until after the item is sold to disclose this information? Notice the seller is telling the buyer what to do vs asking the buyer if she would be open to this type of transaction. That's a big red flag for me, as scammers usually don't ask; they tell.

    Run and report this seller to fBay.
  12. RUN!!!!

    Never pay by money transfer for an eBay sale.

    Report them and move on.
  13. Thanks everyone! So should I email the seller first or go straight to ebay? I'd feel bad if her story is true and I mess up her account!!
  14. I personally would go straight to e*'s nice of you to consider the seller in this case, but I think that you have to watch out for yourself on this one.
    If I was selling something and suddenly ran into payment issues, I would've pulled my listing and certainly not have demanded a MO via wire transfer...that right there is scandalous and well, kinda rude I think!:shrugs:
  15. #15 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    The seller cannot do this as the methods of payment has been changed after the auction ended so eBay would remove the unpaid item strike if buyer received one.

    Quoted from eBays website under the appealing a unpaid item strike section:

    The seller refused to accept your preferred method of payment
    If you don't accept any of the payment methods listed on the item page, we can't remove the strike for you. Sellers have the right to choose which payment methods they'll accept, as long as they state their accepted methods of payment on the item description page. For example, if you only use PayPal, and the seller states they don't accept PayPal, you shouldn't bid on the item. However, if the seller removes your preferred payment method from the listing after you placed your bid or clicked "Buy It Now", please send us any emails they sent to you regarding the change, including the email headers, through the Unpaid Item Bidder Appeal webform.