Sellers keep cancelling bids and ending auctions

  1. For the second time in about 2 weeks, two different sellers have cancelled my bid and ended an auction early. Both times I would have bid higher, but was waiting until the last minute (I use't hate me.) But instead, I get an e-mail that my bid has been cancelled and the auction ended early.

    Both have these have been for Coach Skull Charms. They have been selling for pretty high prices for an item that retailed for $38...upwards of $80-$100. But, I really want one and I am willing to pay the price. But I can't when the auction is ended early!

    I know the sellers are perfectly within their rights to not is just frustrating.
  2. It may be that the item was removed because of authenticity issues... did it say something like, you have no responsibility to pay this seller for the item?
  3. They probably got offers off eBay. ;)

  4. No, I don't think that is it. Both times, the seller has ended the auction...not eBay. I tend to agree that they are getting offers to sell outside of eBay and they are taking them. This time...I messaged the seller and told them what I had my auctionsniper set on...and I am prettty sure it was more than what they got.
  5. Maybe you should make an offer to end it early next time yourself.
  6. Wow- I shoulda bought me some skull charms!
  7. I second that! I guess they aren't bringing them back. Wonder why.