sellers just a thought

  1. :cursing:i have been reading all of these eBay horror stories it is sooo terrible

    i read some stories where the person sent the bag back and it wasnt the same bag and they received a refund

    well i though of this idea i sent my laptop out for repair and to make sure i got the same one back and to make sure they gave me a new battery i marked it with...............


    SO I THOUGHT SELLERS COULD MARK THEIR BAGS (IN A POCKET) with this marker to know it is your bag in the case they send the bag back you put the uv light on it and the mark will show up

    the buyer would never know i tried it on some of my bags in the side pockets you would never know they were marked

    what do you think?????
  2. But then how would you prove that the buyer has the marked bag, especially if you sent it overseas?

    For example, you sell someone a bag. They send it back to get their refund. When you receive it, you know it's not yours, but how do you prove the buyer has your marked bag?
  3. ^ reported!
  4. well it was just a thought for me and my laptop i knew they gave me a new battery cuz i marked the old one if you dont get the marked bag back maybe you could fight it eBay is just a crazy place anything that could help wouldnt hurt
  5. there are lots of threads about tagging and security tags
  6. Oh, I actually think this is a good idea - sorry if it came out wrong! I was just wondering how you'd go about proving that the seller has kept your marked bag, short of going to their place LOL