Sellers in ebay

  1. Hi, i don't know if this is the right place to beg help, but i think so....
    yesterday i did some questions to ebay sellers about some bags and today i simply can't do theme anymore...i don't know whta's going on...
    Do we have limited number os messages to send?

    Thank you
  2. huh?
  3. No you can ask as many questions as you like, sometimes ebay goes wonky, I would just refresh & try again.
  4. I had a problem a few days with someone using my ebay identity to sell a car (you can find the thread). When ebay found the problem, they terminated the post, but also terminated all of my privileges, which included buying, selling, or posting questions to buyers. Sounds like something like that may have happened to you.

    I suggest you go into My Ebay and see if there are any messages posted from ebay to you. If not, go to the Security Center, and talk to someone. You'll get it straightened out.

    Let us know how it goes!