sellers, i need help/advice!

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  1. Hey everyone! I really need some help or advice on this situation.
    On my auction, I specifically described the bag I was selling as not being it in good condition, stating that it had jean transfer stains and blotchy pigmentation. I also said it had no authentication cards and no dustbag. I also stated that I was a member of tPF and that there was probably a post of me discussing the bag.

    To make a long story short, the winner kept asking questions about the bag for 5 days after the auction, and she seemed really hesitant to buy the item.
    She completely misread my listing, and thought that she was getting the bag like the photos I posted on tPF, not the photos I had posted on the ebay site. She even stated this in a message to me, " i am not feeling so great to authenticate at balenciaga next time i am in nyc as it is embarassing..for me."

    Today, she paid for the item and everything, but I have a feeling she's going to give me negative feedback for this because the bag wasn't what she "expected". I really don't want to deal with this whole fiasco, so what should I do? Should I just ship the item? Or should I issue her a refund and report it to eBay? Any help on this situation would be great.
  2. Only an idiot would disregard the photos for the actual auction of the item in favor of clearly older photos of the item before it went on sale. As long as you clearly, and fairly outlined in your auction the accurate condition of the bag, as well as provided current photos in detail, it is her fault if she won the bag and is now not happy with her purchase. I am not sure how many things you have sold on eBay, but if you have many positive feedbacks for an item and one negative that you can clearly refute in the FB section, as well as a link to your completed listing, most buyers should take that into consideration. I think that Ebay's policy of not allowing sellers to leave negative feedback is absurd; in the hundreds of items that I have bought an sold on Ebay since 2002, I have had ONE person leave me a neg feedback because she DID NOT EVEN READ THE LISTING AT ALL, AND SHE EVEN ADMITTED IT. Sure, it sucked and it stung, but I got over it, and I was fully able to present my side of the story to PP and Ebay, so I got to keep the money and she had to keep the item. She was not happy that I forwarded her emails where she ADMITTED that she did not even read the listing- so I advise you to do the same. Also, be prepared to be able to provide proof of authenticity in case she goes down that route. Good luck!
  3. ^ Thanks for the quick response! I just don't want to go through the whole Paypal and Ebay contacting me fiasco. But I guess I have no other choice but to send the item and see what she does, right? I sent her more pictures after the auction ended, and she got upset, since they obviously look different from the TPF photos. Since she knows what she's getting, she can't complain about that, right? Again, thanks for the help:smile:
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    here's the link to the auction!
    xxx members are never allowed to post links to their own auctions or post their eBay ID.
  5. If you really think the buyer is going to be a problem & you have not shipped yet, message her and express your concern over HER hesitations and reiterate the bag condition.....and ask her before you ship, is she SURE she wants the bag? I'd rather refund and cancel the transactions than have to argue a SNAD or a partial refund later.
    And maybe if she does file a SNAD after receipt, it might help your case to have a 2nd confirmation from her that she yes she really does want to proceed w/ the transaction despite her initial hesitation and despite the condition of the bag.

    Just a thought....
  6. Ellie, good idea.

    Here is part of your listing:

    "This bag can be used the way it is, but it would look really great dyed black. The leather has faint jean transfer stains on the back of the bag. If you look at the photos, there is blotchy pigmentation all around the bag. The tassels are in a fragile state, and some fell apart. I have no authentication cards and dustbag.

    If you are wary of its authenticity, you can take this bag to any Balenciaga store, and I'm sure they will happy to authenticate it for you. Or you can get it authenticated at a forum where I am a member, at My tpf username is the same as my ebay name: violathebee. I'm sure if you look back at my posts from two/three years ago, you can view posts of me discussing this bag:smile: If both options don't work out, I am happy to offer a money back guarantee for authenticity issues. "

    You also appear to have plenty of photos. I don't know what is not clear to her about what your intentions/etc. are. It is your decision, but if you don't want to have to resell it, I think that you have a pretty good case (as long as you can prove that it is real) to keep your money and make her stuff it.
  7. If I do offer her a refund, is there any way she can pay me for the auction costs? I think it's unfair how I have to bear the burden just cause she didn't read the listing:shrugs:
  8. Oh geez, she's asking me to put it in a dustbag and put tissue paper around the bag. Since I said there's no dustbag in the listing, is it okay if I send the item without one? Can I can wrap the bag around tissue and bubble wrap?

    I'm starting to think maybe it is better to just refund her back..she's a headache!
  9. Explain to her again that you don't have a dustbag. Reinterate bag condition and tell her that you don't want her to feel obligated if she really does not want the bag. Advise her that you will mutually cancel the transaction if she does not want it. I think that will get you most of your fees back.
  10. Sorry to hear that you have one of those buyers! I would make sure that she knows there is no dustbag AND that she knows the exact condition before you ship. If she admits that she does and understands what she is getting, then you can go thru with the transaction. I would do this thru ebay messages just in case she does anything.
  11. yup,if you agree to mutually cancel the transaction you'll get part of your fees back and avoid all the unnecessary drama...looks like a headache waiting to happen as she seems not to have read the listing at all!
  12. If it is not going to put you out too much to ask her to cancel the transaction, that may be best. I have learned that some PITA buyers are NOT worth a penny and not even a thousand.
  13. ^^I agree. If it were mine, I would rather cancel the transaction. Your buyer seems to be the one who never read description. Who knows after she receive the bag she realize more flaws and keep complaining about.
    I'm sorry you got a buyer like her.
  14. thanks everyone for the wonderful advice! i gave her an ultimatum, so we'll see what she says..
  15. Good luck with it. You were very open in the listing from what it seems. Read the feedback that she has left for others. If there is anything like "very understanding etc" it probably means that she has caused headaches for others. I agree with ELLIE MAE that as there was no dustbag, the buyer should not require one.

    I would be tempted to cancel if it were me. If she were to give you trouble, you could leave carefully polite feedback that indicated "sale did not complete as several post auction demands were made" and leave it at that. At least that way your angst will not have been in vain and might protect someone else.

    I don't see why you would not get fees back if you cancelled. It looks like it would be better all round. eBay won't have a reason to hold back your fees because after sale dramas cost them time in staff resources.

    Good luck.