Sellers: How Do You Deal With BIN "Mistakes"?

  1. This is my second instance in just the last week.

    Auction set to close tonight; buyer hits BIN "by mistake" and wants to back out.

    How do You handle this? I'm sick of these idiots, to tell the truth. Are they drinking (heavily) & bidding or what?

    Here's my email from my current "buyer":



    My response:

    How exactly does one click BIN by "mistake"?

    eBay presents yet another screen (after the first BIN confirmation) to re-confirm your bid and you have to clik that to finalize your bid. I'm flabergasted how something like that can be done by mistake?

    Anyway, I can't cancel the transaction. I have no idea how. All I can do is file a non-paying bidder alert against you and relist the item. And of course there are fees involved.
  2. Wow! I've never heard that excuse before.... Like you said in your response, once you hit the BIN button, there is a second confirmation screen. There is no mistake. I would hold her to the transaction.
  3. I've had those. They're really annoying. But...If I get an email from them, I usually appreciate it because they can easily not communicate, and then I'd wait 7 days and that's worse. I just file a mutual agreement, and add them to my blocked buyer list.

  4. Can you tell in my response I'm a little annoyed? LOL

    I did the mutual agreement with the last one, but she bid at the very beginning of the auction & I just relisted.

    This buyer waited till the last half hour of a 7 day auction...(just when bids might be made..) and now it's back to square one. I'll have to wait another 7 days or take it as a sign from the selling Gods & just keep the darn thing (cute Spring bag,lol)

    Darn it. How much should I charge her?
  5. I don't really know how you can do that by mistake. Thought depending on how much time you have it might not be worth and more of a headache then it's worth to pursue.
  6. Maybe she had too many tabs/windows open for different auctions of the same bag and clicked on the wrong one.

  7. I think mine is the only bag like this on eBay now, though. It's a rare bag.
    Could be just buyers remorse...I have a gut feeling that she meant to end the auction, then decided it was more than she wanted to pay.

    I'm obviously never going to get my money for the bag from her, but should i charge her a fee to back out of the transaction? What would you do?
  8. wow...i just think she has buyer remorse because yuo have to confirm ur bid...even when you bid normally, you have to confirm your bid.
  9. I think the fact that she's been honest right from the start and offered to reimburse shows an honest mistake, no matter how daft it may have been.

    Ask her to pay your listing fees and send her a mutual agreement so eBay will give you the FVF's back
  10. Make your BIN auctions immediate payment required. I do this and have never had an "accidental" BIN. ;)
  11. You can charge her but I'd be very surprised if she actually paid it, I think she's only offering to get into your good graces so you'll agree to cancel the transaction. Once that's done I'd be surprised if she sends any money. And actually thinking about it, I think Ebay would probably frown on sellers 'charging' a fee to cancel their transactions, that could get sticky. Even though she is the one that offered, it's opening up a whole other can of worms.

  12. I don't think there is any way that she accidentally did a BIN; as the other posters said, there is a second confirmation page. Since you already know that she isn't going to pay up, I would have her pay your listing fees first before you cancel the transaction to make sure that she doesn't leave you high and dry. The only problem is that you do have to wait 7 more days after you relist the item. And it begs the question how many other people she may have done this to before.
  13. I absolutely do this with my listings, too. Among other things, my philosophy about buying on eBay is no different that when I buy from any online retailer. You sure as heck can't wait to pay for an item on Neiman Marcus. If you want something, you have to pay immediately.

    As a buyer, I always pay immediately on BIN even if the listing isn't set up immediate payment required. Obviously with auctions that end in the wee hours of the night, I can't pay immediately, but as soon as I login to my computer and see I won something, I pay that instant.

    Pity all eBay users don't operate this way. It would make eBay so much nicer. :shrugs:
  14. yes, require immediat payment for BINs and that will eliminate such instances.

    anyway, if the buyer actually emails me and offers to reimburse the fees, I'll just accept it without telling her off. Obviously she knows it's wrong and that's why she's offering to reimburse. I'm much happier with such non-paying bidders than those that go MIA and I lose on the fees too.
  15. oh yes, and I believe the buyer probably is only prepared to reimburse you the listing fees (since the final value fees you can get a credit back from ebay).