Sellers - HELP on Photo additions

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  1. HELP! Sellers, if you have an auction up and running and you get requests from possible buyers for more pictures -- how do you handle that request.
    Do you add them to your auction - I have no problem doing this, but you know when you revise a listing it goes thru the same 12 hour out of circuation cycle that it took to show up the first time. :cursing:

    Do you send them directly to the potential buyer - asking for an address to send the new photos?

  2. I've been emailing to potential buyers. They have all included their email addys in their requests so far.
  3. IMHO email is by far the most convenient method.
  4. But make sure you put your ID across them
  5. Thanks everyone!
    Yes, I thought email would be the best/easiest. I guess if a buyer requests photos and then doesn't want to give an email address to see additional photos, it means they're not that interested.

    Mooks, I have not been IDing my photos and had an auction copied word for word/photo for photo.
    I am now making sure anything that I list is watermarked.
  6. Just use the paint program on your computer to put your ID across the pics. I don't often bother with it unless I'm selling high value item.

    Did you report the listing that copied your auction?
  7. I did report the item, the sad thing is the item was a high value item and someone bought it before I found the duplicate auction -- as the FAKE seller listed it for pennies - I hope Ebay was able to stop the transaction??
  8. This happened to me a little while ago with a rare Maharishi jacket I was selling. I was browsing and found the listing with my pics. It ended before it was pulled but then I checked later and it got cancelled after the listing