Sellers have you used auctiva??

  1. they offer free Free templates, Free scheduling, image hosting
    Free storefront and scrolling gallery but when i tried to register it said that a valid email must be used because all of your auctiva status emails, INCLUDING checkout payment notifications will be sent to the email you question if you sign up are you using another method to get paid? i use paypal and a buyer pays me i get a email from i have to use their checkout if there is one or can i just stick to paypal. Im just interested in using the free image hosting...any help would be great

  2. I have been using it for awhile and you do not have to use their checkout. You can disable Auctiva Checkout in your account settings so that you can continue to use PayPal.
  3. thats good to hear are the account setting easy to use?
    what if i don't want to get any notifications is that an option as well?
  4. Yes, they are really easy to use. You just go into "My Account" and it's all under "Preferences". You may want to disable their shipping insurance too. It think they give you a better rate than USPS, but it seems to make things confusing.(for me anyway) Good luck! I'm sure it will work great for you. :yes:
  5. thank you skigirl73 im going to try it :rolleyes:
  6. Cool.:tup: Let me know how it turns out!
  7. ok i disabled everything but if a buyer has a question will it go thru eBay directly or do i have to log into auctva to get my messages and is there a limit of pictures i can upload or after a number say 8 then i have to pay for them?

    i just checked my account and i don't see a charge from the auction i just listed using auctiva i know they say it's free but why isn't it showing up ( i just up it up like 5 min ago)
    and is their a catch is it really 100% free

  8. Buyer questions will still show up in your eBay messages. The max pictures you can have is 16 and you don't have to pay for any of them. It is 100% free. You will notice the biggest difference in not being charged for pictures and also if you want to pre-schedule your listings you can without being charged. Sometimes it takes a little bit for it to upload to Ebay from Auctiva. You may want to check your scheduled listings though, because if there is any type of problem uploading it to Ebay for any reason the error would show up there. It will say something about an API error and it will be in red letters.
  9. I have used it for quite a while now, if your listing isn't showing up right away go to the messages section on auctiva and see if there is anything in red. It is truely 100% free which is amazing, I use the auctiva checkout to streamline everything which is great, they input their address to auctiva then auctiva sends them to paypal to actually pay. is great!
  10. I have used auctiva for nearly 2 years it prety good I especially like the 16 pictures free as well as the scrolling store window it boosted my sales about 30%!

    If you sell on another site like overstock you can get the html from the saved listing on auctiva and use it on overstock

  11. I do the same as skigirl73 but have Paypal as my chekout. I have been using Auctiva for all my listings for over a year and found that it works very well - no additional photograph charges from Ebay:tup::tup:
  12. i like that it's free but it takes sooo slow to load pictures or to do a took me and im not exaggerating 2 hours to put up 4 listing:mad::rant::censor:!!! one took me 39 min yes i was looking at the clock...i was going mad why does it take so long??? i know it's not my computer or connection
  13. i just use for my pictures and i only use auctiva for the scrolling thing that lists my other items! Im too lazy to start learning another contraption to list items!
  14. when you use photo bucket...are the pictures free? I would like to save $$ on do you use photobucket? Do i just upload the pics to photobucket copy the codes and just paste in my auction?
    basically i don't want to pay for pictures in my auction hee hee