Sellers, Do You have a pre-shipping checklist?

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  1. As many of you have read, I'm a newbie seller. I have about 4 or 5 items coming up (I hope) that have to be shipped out at the same time. I can see the potential for confusion with each item needing a separate label for 1. priority 2. delivery confirmation 3. insurance.

    I have the attention span of a 5 year old and, I'm afraid if the phone rings while I'm trying to get things sorted out, the packages will get mixed up, etc. Can you tell me any hints to help stay on track and to avoid mix ups with packages going to the wrong person?

    BTW, so far I've been getting labels and packaging materials from the post office. I think today, I'm going to try the PayPal labels. From what I've read, it's cheaper.
  2. I give each of my items a listing number, when the item sells I print out an invoice. I write the weight on the invoice as I weigh and package each item. I then write the name & item number on the box that I put the item in (I wrap my clothes in tissue paper so it is hard to tell by looking), and set on a shelf unsealed. I use all my invoices to put the info into paypal's multi-order shipping and print out the labels all at once. I match each label to the invoice and use the invoice again to match each name and number on the box. Then I just put the invoice in the box and seal it up and put the label on immediately.

    If you ship through paypal you will only have one label for dc & ins.
  3. 4theluvof-it, thanks for the great tips! You have a good system. What kind of scale do you have?

    My first try at a PayPal label was great! So much easier. (And the guy at the post office didn't roll his eyes when he saw me coming this time LOL :rolleyes:)
  4. Ha! I forgot the looks I used to get before I used paypal....You will soon be their favorite customer!:yes:

    I purchased a postal scale on ebay I believe with shipping it was less than 20 dollars, and I only ship priority mail or express that way I don't have to worry about boxes.