Sellers, do you do this?

  1. When a buyer wins your auction and they pay immediately, via PayPal......

    Do you leave positive feedback immediately, since they held up their end of the deal?

    It really irks me that sellers don't do this!

    I ALWAYS pay within SECONDS of winning an auction (I pay my bills this way too, as soon as I'm paid, I pay my bills).

    However, rarely does a seller leave me feedback immediately. Most wait until I leave them feedback.

  2. Yup! I usually always reply with! Thanks, speedy payment! Usually the only times that I wait are if it's an item that the buyer and I have discussed a lot. For example, I sold a Kooba purse to a girl in Germany and I was so worried about the PayPal transaction and everything, but I only gave her feedback a couple days after I sent it...

    But even then, I still gave feedback BEFORE they give me mine. I don't believe in this whole, I'll wait until you give me something deal.
  3. from a sellers prespective, I wait until the buyer leaves feedback first. Just covering my end of the part. If a buyer pays immediately thats great. I leave them a postive feedback for instant payment. However, If and when they recieve item and for some reason they are not happy with it, they can leave me a negative feedback. Then I wont be able to do anything b/c i already left them a feedback. Since the buyer leaves feedback for the seller after receiving item, I will too leave feedback only after the buyer leaves me one first upon after the item recieved.
  4. ^^^ITA with this.:yes: And I am NOT a reseller.

    This is in my description when I do sell things:

    "Please leave feedback upon receipt of your item. This process assures me that you have received your item."

    This is what I have on my about me page:

    "My e bay policy: AS A BUYER I leave feedback usually the same DAY that I receive my item. AS A SELLER I leave feedback AFTER the buyer leaves feedback for me first. If you look at the feedback I have left and the feedback I have received you will see a BIG discrepancy. Therefore nowadays I only leave feedback for buyers that leave it for me first. Feedback is a privilege NOT a right."
  5. Some buyers receive item and threaten with negative feedback if certain demands aren't met. (like for me to pay their custom fee even though he insisted on insuring the item for full price and I warned him). As a seller, I leave feedback after they give me positive because of such buyers I've been in contact with.
  6. i only leave a feedback once a buyer has left me a FB other wise how will i know they were happy with the item. What i hate is when a buyer sends me a email telling me they love the item instead of saying that in a fb AND then never leaving me a fb...whats the point?!
  7. Thanks for your honest responses.
  8. as a Buyer I expect feedback left for me first.
    As a Seller, I WILL NEVER hold feedback ransom for a buyer, if they paid immediately, they deserve positive feedback IMO.
  9. i would never leave fb before my buyer does. imo the transaction is not over when they pay. it's over when they recieve it and i know they're happy. otherwise if something is wrong they can neg without trying to work it out or threaten me with a neg. i wouldn't expect my buyer to think the transaction is over when they pay either. they need to get it first.
  10. I leave feedback as soon as I get paid by the buyer. I did notice however, that I am one of very few people that do that. When I am the buyer, sellers usually wait till I leave them a feedback before they leave me one.
  11. For me, it makes better business sense to wait until my buyer has received the item, is happy, and then leaves feedback. Therefore if a problem arises, we have a chance to figure it out. At the end, if the buyer is unhappy and leaves negative feedback, I would also leave negative feedback stating facts about what happened and knowing I did everything I could to work it out. Luckily, this has not happened to me, but I think it's the only way a seller can protect him or herself from unreasonable demands or what have you.
  12. I have 100% feedback, but with that being said I just don't take it that seriously.

    I leave it as soon as they pay and don't stress about it.
  13. Before, when I was new to eBay, I usually do this. But in the end, buyers don't usually do their part in the end. So I ended up waiting for their feedback first, before I left theirs! Fair enough.
  14. As a seller and a buyer, I look at each situation.

    If my buyer is particularly difficult, I wait until they receive the item and leave FB. If not, then I leave FB right after they pay.
  15. Well, I certainly *now* see both sides to the issue and again, I appreciate everyone's honest "feedback" (errr, pun intended) LOL

    I just started selling (my daughter's clothing). So, I guess its good to see what everyone does and why!!!