1. Hey everyone :flowers:

    I just received a question on eBay and i'm not quite sure how to respond. The buyer is asking me if they can pay me with a money order. So does this would mean a western union type of thing? I'm not familiar with money orders:shame:...Can someone please shed some light on whether this is safe or if it's recommended? Also if you have any knowledge on the actual money order process? Would I have to go pick up the money?

    Thanks in advace!
  2. If you accept the money Order ask for a postal one. Once you receive it in the mail, you can deposit it or exchange in the post office. Just be careful with other type of Money orders because they can also be faked. the western Union is OK, but is a little harder to exchange and normally takes more time to clear in my bank.
  3. I prefer US postal Money orders. I just cash them at my post office.
  4. So sound like these can be a pain to deal with...
  5. I don't have a problem accepting them from buyers with decent-strong (more than 25 or so) feedback, and I put this language on my listing:

    ""PayPal is strongly recommended to protect both you as the buyer and me as the seller. Due to numerous check scams, money orders and cashier's checks will NOT be accepted, except under extenuating circumstances and with prior written authorization from me. There WILL be a waiting period on any purchase made with a cashier's check. This could take up to 10 (ten) days depending on your bank and on mine. ""
  6. This gives my bank time to process it and tell me if it's good or not.
  7. I actually prefer money order or cashier's check because I don't have to pay steep Paypal fee. USPS money order is easy, you can just go to the post office and cash it.
  8. Postal MOs are the way to go.
  9. Postal MOs are better than nothing. There are a lot of people that, for whatever reason, won't use paypal.

    That way you can just cash it at the PO when you're ready to mail the package.
  10. I do, people rarely, if ever, send them though.

    I'd accept the postal money order like everyone else says, it's much easier.
  11. Where is your buyer? If the MO is in a different currency, your bank may charge a fee to exchange. My bank charges $15.00 to cash a Canadian MO or check. CHeck with your bank first and ask more than one person.

    I love USPS MO's, no Paypal fees!!!:yahoo:And no chargebacks!!!!:yahoo:ANd no Paypal disputes or claims :yahoo:Can you tell I love MO's?

    I've had a few high ticket buyers send a USPS MO send via Priority mail. They buy them right there at the PO and ship them immediately, gotta love that!
    Good luck
  12. yes dont mind postal money order. Just received one today from someone I filed dispute on yay!!! This was a lot of money so happy to receive it ..and no paypal fees.
  13. Yes, I will accept a US postal money order. It doesn't happen alot since most people choose to use paypal, but yes I will accept them.
  14. Only accept USPS Money Orders. They are easy to purchase for a buyer, easy to verify and easy to cash.
  15. I dont take them anymore as the last two people who I said yes to never sent them. I also worry about people claiming that they sent them and not really doing so. The last few folks that have asked I have told them they need to be sent priority with confirmation and they have opted to pay via paypal which is safer for everyone.