Seller´s details

  1. i have done a search in this section, but i dont seem to find the info...what do you have to do to get the detailed seller´s contact info from eBay- i need the phone number! thanks!
  2. can we ask why you want to call the seller? what happened?
  3. I dont really wanna go into details, i would like to contact her and try and sort it in a nice way before i hit paypal and cc company. Thanks in advance!
  4. There is a link that you follow with the words 'request seller's contact details' or similar - eBay will then get back to you with the information they registered when the member joined. Unfortunately, the only time I received contact details, they turned out to be fraudulent. Hope it is successful for you!
  5. I have had to call sellers/ buyers a handful of times and the information provided was accurate. For example, I was concerned because I misrepresented a size of a jacket I sold and wanted to inform the buyer before sending it. It worked out well because he needed a size smaller anyways. Click on "advanced search" that is right beside the "search" button. On the next page, you will see a menu of search items on the left. Click on "find contact information." It will prompt you for the member's user ID and and the item number of the item. You and the other eBay member you are trying to contact will get an email that provides the contact information. Good luck in your resolution!
  6. thank you so much we are talking over 1000 dollars here i seriously hope this will get sorted ! :nuts: