Sellers cancel ebay accounts in favor of...

  1. Hey hey hey! I might have to check that out!
  2. Hey, I think Ecrater is worth checking out too. I like the concept very much, and think I may join!

    I love this quote in the article! I agree! "Should OnlineAuction reach the 250 million-strong user base that eBay currently holds, the company could be "six times more profitable without being as greedy," Fain claims."
  3. Interesting...though onlineauction is going to have some serious work to do when it comes to monitoring fake items...I see all 7 items under "Vuitton" are fake.
    It would probably work for non-designer items though.
  4. Ooo I like the sound of this! I was debating whether or not to keep my eBay account since they announced the new policy. I checked out the site and it doesn't seem like there are very many interesting listings yet but with that article I'm sure registration will pick up even more =)
  5. Same with ecrater and ioffer, almost all fakes. I don't see how an auction website with no fees can hire the manpower to police the auctions. eBay does the best job out of all of them. We need a huge company like google to get behind one of these sites or start their own, in order to get all the funds to police the auctions.
  6. I just joined and, to test out the waters. So far, its looking good. There is lots of discussion on bidtopia about selling authentic bags, and of taking pictures of serial numbers and what not. As I said, so far, so good. We will see! =)

    Psst: Bargainland is selling a gorgeous Bottega bag on their site. I've bought from them numerous times before, and have nothing but great things to say! They only have a few high end bags at a time, and they are usually scratched or have some other minor defect but all in all there are great bargains to be had!
  7. Feebay does too.;)
  8. Please, please, please be careful when handing over cc details to any of these companies though ladies :smile:
  9. Well yeah that goes without saying...but at least on ebay, there's a way to report fakes and you can see them being taken down. These other sites don't have that, they're full of fakes, no self-respecting seller would sell their authentic bags on there. I sure wouldn't.
  10. I wish that there was an alternative to ebay but sadly I am not sure about any of these. I once joined ioffer but that was a disaster as all fakes on there. It actually got me into trouble with a buyer who saw my listing on ioffer & therefore accused me of selling fakes also. I got off there very quick I tell you!
  11. I can't remember who it is, but I do know of a tPFer that uses and she reported good experiences.
  12. allows you to sell fakes. There are a million auctions for replica LV, Chanel and other high end items. As a seller of authentic items I would never sell there.

  13. Isnt is sad that what started off as a nice fun concept for 2 guys has turned in to such a nasty way of buying and selling.

    I am so sad that we have to deal with all of this. I sure do wish Google would create a site it would compliment their Google checkout too.