Sellers Beware of Paypal Chargebacks

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  1. Ok so how do I know for sure if I am not allowed to contact the credit card company that did not rule in my favor. I am just supposed to take your word? How do I know that this did in fact not rule in my favor and Paypal is not keeping the money? Will you then explain to me how a credit card company when its in their favor to not charge their customer (and I had it in writing that she would be responsible for the item), when they would be receiving interest from the payment? I will have to pay the money back but I will make sure after I close my Paypal account and report this to every anti paypal and consumer affairs department in my state. wrote:
    Dear Samantha martinez,

    As you know, we have been using the information you provided to dispute a
    chargeback filed against the transaction detailed below. Despite our best
    efforts, the buyer's credit card company decided in favor of the buyer.

    Unfortunately, we do not control the outcome of the chargeback decision
    reached by the buyer's issuing bank in a credit card transaction. By
    accepting the terms of the PayPal User Agreement, you agreed to accept the
    decision of the issuing bank as final and legally binding for this type of

    Please review the information below for more details about this case.

    Details of Disputed Transaction
  2. This is the readon I stick to paypal rules when it comes to highend items.

    If people have unconfirmed addresses I make them pay with a moneyorder or bidpay.

    I also ALWAYS include insurance and DC, and sig confirmation over $250.

    Sorry you lost the dispute, I doubt it is just paypal trying to keep your money.
  3. yep i have a zero feedback buyer on an expensive item who since winning has kept trying to get me to let them use paypal despite an unconfirmed address in Canada; i absolutely refuse to use paypal if not in the US, UK or Canada with a confirmed address AND a verified paypal account; even if they have that for expensive items I am not keep on allowing paypal unless they have extensive ebay histories that they do not want to jeopardize

    this buyer tried bidpay which protects the seller from chargebacks on items under $1500; the buyer had 3 attempts to pay on bidpay rejected which only made me more uncomfortable; so they finally paid today with a bank wire to my account; if i feel i am at any risk for a chargeback with a particular buyer i require other forms of payment
  4. Unfortunately for you, even with all the reporting to various anti-Paypal organizations, your efforts will be futile. That's why they are anti-Paypal. Your statement that buyer is responsible for the item does not hold in legal terms. You must show Paypal proof like Delivery/Signature Confirmation or
    UPS tracking. Otherwise for whatever reason, they will always rule in favor of the buyer.

    If you have the above-mentioned proof, you should start harrassing Paypal today! Do it everyday. I had a similar encounter and that email you received is a canned response. I too was told credit card companies ruled in favor of buyer. Then after 6 mth of email bombardment I finally won.

    Plenty of patience is required. I wish you luck. Will help a lot if you can work with sellers who sold customer within the same time frame. To find out who, just do an Advanced Search > items by bidder > fill up form and enter.
  5. The failed Bidpay payments may not necessarily be the fault of the buyer. Just last month, I tried to pay a seller using Bidpay and failed, twice! I then called my cc company and they confirmed that it's nothing wrong on my end. My cc company then tried to call Bidpay but couldn't get through. Anyhow, after I emailed my seller about the failed attempts, she then admitted that her other buyers couldn't pay her too! So, it turns out that for whatever strange reason, Bidpay itself is rejecting the buyers' payments. Most strange...:shrugs:

    anyway, as it turns out, your buyer is a sincere buyer, since she's willing to make a bank wire payment. A lot of people are wary of zero bidders, and rightly so, but I've actually had quite a number of zero bidders who turn out to be my best buyers in the end! Glad that it worked out well for you too!