Selleria Bucket bag

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I'm new to Fendi. I was at the South Coast Plaza yesterday and this beauty caught my eye - the Selleria bucket bag in pink/purple color. Is this bag has been out for a while? Is this bag a Limited Edition? (I couldn't find any info regarding this bag from the internet)

    Thanks a lot!

  2. T - I have seen the bucket style selleria off & on over time, but not in the color you mention, which is probably a newer shade. I don't think it is LE. The other selleria styles tend to attract more attention, probably because there is more detailing or ? I collect a few sellerias - but I don't have this style...yet:graucho:
  3. Thanks baglady.1:smile:
  4. omg, this is the bag my mom and I totally fell in love with. But we love it in pewter!!

  5. i don't think any of the sellaria bags are limited, they just come out with new colors every season. The leather is sooo soft, i'm sure you'll love it!