Seller won't ship to unconfirmed paypal account - but I'm in Australia! Help please?

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm having some issues paying for a bag through paypal - the seller doesn't want to send an item to an unconfirmed address. I understand this, but there's no way for me to get the address confirmed as I live in Australia, our paypal accounts can only be verified.

    If it helps, my credit card address, paypal address and ebay address are all the same postage address, but the seller is still unsure.

    Is there anything I can do to ease her worries and get the bag? she's talking about opening a paypal dispute, but I have no idea how long that will take to resolve.

    I've only been on ebay 3 months and have only made 4 purchases - so I understand her being nervous, but I've just been waiting for the perfect bag to come along.

    Buyers, have you been in this situation before? What did you do?

    Sellers, have you seen this before? Did you send the bag or file a non-paying bidder through ebay?
  2. Honestly, I wouldn't ship to you either. I would offer to pay her some other way, such as a bank transfer.
  3. Thankyou very much for being honest :smile:

    I have the option to pay via money order, but then that gives me no protection, so I'm not really wanting to do that.

    My account is as verified as it can get by Australian Paypal, it just doesn't confirm addresses.
    see:;jsessionid=H5FWfrQvJPSx4Cd2LxW5 GhhnWFyk5fF3BT2qLGsylLjw1vvlz2tw!-154656838?locale=en_AU&_dyncharset=UTF-8&countrycode=AU&cmd=_help&serverInstanc e=9005&t=solutionTab&ft=searchTab&ps=sol utionPanels&solutionId=15936&isSrch=Yes
  4. She won't ship to an unconfirmed address for the same reason you won't pay with a money order....

    Maybe you could pay through bidpay with a credit card. It doesn't take long to sign up for an account.
  5. yes, unfortunately verified accounts do not give the seller any protection. if you don't trust the seller based on reputation/feedback, and therefore won't send her an MO, then I would just say that you should not complete the transaction.
  6. Did she state it on her auction?

    Perhaps you can also try google checkout - i believe the seller needs to sign up to receive payments, bank transfer will cost you $20-30AU and fees of up to 2.25% depending on which bank you are with. This may take up 2 weeks or more to clear.
  7. Thank you. Unfortunately, the seller doesn't have bidpay. :sad: I will suggest it to her though and see if she wants to set it up too.
  8. She didn't state it on the auction, she just said she accepted paypal. It was all going great until she said my address wasn't confirmed :sad:

    I'm thinking I'm just going to take the non-paying bidder mark, the bag was expensive enough without adding bank fees! Thank you for your suggestion though.
  9. I trust the seller 100%, that's why I bid on the bag :yes:

    However, if I pay through MO, I loose any protection if the bag is lost in the mail, so all my money's gone.

    I think taking a non-paying bidder mark is better than loosing all my money. Maybe I just have to get my funds back from paypal, as they've already been charged to my credit card.
  10. ^^Pay through money order and get insurance.....honestly though, if she doesn't state that she only ships to confirmed addresses then she should send it. If anything you should file a non-performing seller.

    Good luck, hopefully it will all work out for you.
  11. Thanks. If I have to, I might use that option. Looks like the only way I can resolve this whole mess. I didn't know I could get insurance through using a money order, thank you.

    I just have to wait on her response to the emails I've sent today - the time difference makes it really hard!
  12. I would personally never pay with a money order. There's no way to electronically track the money and you have nobody to turn to when it goes wrong. I'm sure you can mutually agree to cancel the transaction and it works out better than filing non-performing/non-paying disputes.
  13. Normally I wouldn't either, but the seller doesn't want to have to relist and she won't accept my paypal. I really want this bag as well!

    From what other people have said, my options are money order with extra insurance, or bidpay. I'll suggest these things to the seller and see what she wants.
  14. Does the seller have to state in their auction that they won't accept unconfirmed addresses?? I mean, I don't know if eBay would accept a non-performing seller complaint on that basis, since it's their recommended practice.

    qwerty, if you pay by MO and the seller insures the bag and sends it via a trackable method, you should be fully protected - the only additional protection Paypal gives you is for items not as described. But if you're not comfortable with that, and you're going to drop the transaction, ask her if she with do a "mutually agreed" so that you don't get a NPB and she gets her fees back.
  15. She really wants to complete the transaction, so I think Money Order might be the way to go if we can't get the paypal sorted out