Seller Won't Ship to Canada - What to do???

  1. I finally found one of my dream bags available on ebay, but alas, the seller won't ship to Canada. They also won't ship to an unconfirmed address, which rules out her sending it to a friend of mine who lives in the US. I MUST have this bag!!!!!!!!! What to do??? Anyone have any ideas??? Feeling rather distraught!!! :crybaby:

  2. did they tell you specifically in an email that they won't ship to Canada? if so you're SOL. I guess they won't ship to an unconfirmed address because they will lose their seller protection under paypal. It's understandable becuase it's so easy for sellers to get screwed by paypal.
  3. Yes, they specifically told me no shipping to Canada and no shipping to unconfirmed addresses in the US.

    I guess that does make sense for them...*sigh*
  4. on the other hand, can you ask someone who's resident in USA to bid for you?
  5. I'm thinking about that too! Considering my options... It's just that it's a lot of money, so it's a lot of responsibility for whoever I ask...hmmmmmmmmmm
  6. I know its tough and this has happened to me but I'd rather let it go than risk someone bidding on my behalf that I don't know well.
  7. I agree...I'm going to be really careful... :yes:
  8. Totally hate it when sellers won't ship to Canada, I mean we are neighbors for F** sakes
  9. LOL. Seriously! I don't see what the difficulty is with shipping to Canada...
  10. It's higher shipping, the custom form, AND if someone doesn't pay any duty that's owed, back it comes. It's much simpler to stick to U.S. sellers. I do.

  11. It's the same for us to ship to the US and I do it all the time. My sellers pay for the higher cost, it only takes me a minute to fill out the form, and I have never paid duty, just GST which is a small amount. I can understand not shipping internationally but Canada is pretty close.
  12. well there's also 4% international paypal fees and the only way to track a package is EMS which can be costly as well.

    Why don't you suggest the seller about other form of payment such as internation MO or bidpay?
  13. Shipping to Canada from the US isn't a big deal at all.
    The only time I understand why people don't do it is when there are exotics involved. Otherwise, saying that it costs a lot or there is a form is sort of laughable, esp when it's a few more dollars and the buyer is paying for it, and the form takes less than a minute to fill out.
  14. I live in the UK and I have to say I wont ship to Canada again....the last two times I did, I had major problems. The first time Canadian customs changed the label on the package to a different sender and different return address - I lost the bag and had a chargeback on Paypal. Recently I sent another bag to Canada and customs refused entry saying the address was wrong and had arabic numerals in it! The address was perfect to the letter. So unfortunately I have really had it with Canada Post! I would only use UPS to ship to Canada but thats quite pricey. I have never had problems with any other countries postal system.
  15. missbradshaw - Sorry to hear you've had difficulty with Canada customs. That's the first time I've heard of issues like that with sending items to Canada. I almost think it might have just been bad luck...I hope you'll give us Canadians another chance! :yes:

    maxmara - I didn't realize there are international paypal fees. For some hard to get items though, I would think some of us outside of the US would be willing to pay a little extra to cover that cost!

    I guess there are more issues to sending items across the border than I had realized, but I've never had any issues on the receiving end over here in Canada. Hopefully I'll be able to find this dream bag elsewhere!