Seller won't ship Ring bag!

  1. I recently bid on and won that burgundy ring bag on e-bay. Well, I just got an e-mail (not through e-bay) to contact him at his home phone number. So I call him and he tells me he can't send me the bag because he paid over $1600. for it and his wife is really mad because I won it for $320. I was speachless...didn't know what to say. He kept saying he was sorry. Then he refunded my money!
    I sent him an e-mail telling him that wasn't the way eBay worked. He had entered into a legal agreement. I did my part, now he needs to send the bag. He hasn't responded.
    I guess there is nothing I can do. He is new to eBay and said he won't be selling anything else, so I guess I will be leaving my first neg. Man I hate doing that!!!
    Idiot people who do dishonest things...:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. :censor: :mad: :rant:

    I am so sorry to hear this Jmcadon :mad:

    I actually looked at that bag and wondered what was up. It is too bad you can not do more to get your bags. Let's do a reverse look up and send him a nasty-gram :devil:
  3. Oh I'm so sorry! I would be so disappointed.
  4. That is awful!!!! I love finding great deals on eBay - and never once has a seller rescinded (sp?) the agreement. I'm so sorry for you!
  5. NOOOOOO!!!!!! For once I truly am speechless because I am so mad! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  6. I am so sorry this is happening to you. That guy is such an idiot! He needs to suck it up and honor the contract. I'm sure he knew what he paid for it.

    Send him this from eBay:

    Seller Non-Performance Policy

    Sellers are expected to consistently perform in a manner that results in a high level of buyer satisfaction. If a seller’s interactions with buyers result in greater than a 5% level of buyer dissatisfaction, as evidenced by negative/neutral feedback and/or Item Not Received complaints received over the recent 90-day period, the seller is in violation of the Seller Non-Performance policy. Please note that although we are not including Detailed Seller Ratings at this time, we will be using them in the future.

    When a seller lists an item on eBay, and a buyer bids for and wins that item, the seller and buyer have entered into a contract that both members are expected to honor. If the seller doesn't live up to this agreement, it leads to a bad buyer experience and may result in negative or neutral feedback for the seller. Good practices that help sellers promote buyer satisfaction include:

    Accurately describing the condition, size and quality of the item directly in the listing.
    Honoring the original terms by accepting payment for an item at the end of a successful sale.
    Promptly shipping the item with appropriate packaging once payment has been received.
    Responding promptly and professionally to questions from the buyer.
    Proactively communicating with the buyer throughout the transaction.
    Issuing refunds in a timely manner when accepting returns or when there are problems with delivery.

    Violations of this policy by a seller may result in a range of actions, including:
    Listing cancellation
    Limits on account privileges
    Account suspension
    Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings
    Selling fee schedule adjustments
    Loss of PowerSeller status
    Referral to Law Enforcement
  7. Hi cascherping long time no see :flowers:

    You know the bag I purchased from you last year created a monster :lol:

    That was my very first Jimmy Choo and it was definitely not my last :push:

    I agree Jmcadon :noggin:

    You need report this listing and have it pulled, that is just SO WRONG :feminist:

    He needs to be :banned:
  8. I contacted ebay and they will not pull the listing! I filed a NPS report and they said they will investigate. They can see I tried to pay. They can see he has it relisted. It is a 3 day listing so it will probably sell by the time they do anything! This is crazy! I just negged him big-time so I guess I will get my first neg now...:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  9. What a bunch of bs! I'm sorry that your seller is obviously naive about selling on eBay. But hopefully it won't sell - I would never buy a bag from someone with a 0 positive feedback and a negative!
  10. There is NO way that bag will sell now! Between his low and negative feedback and the obvious relisting of the bag since it's linked to your feedback, no one in their right mind would bid on the bag!:cursing:

    And I wonder where he pulled the selling price from? The bag I bought was like new and I got it for $600 after it had been relisted. $100 less than he's asking for his and mine had TONS better photos, the seller had great feedback and was listing other designer bags. This guy's got nothing! :hs:
  11. Thanks for your all of your support. You guys rock! I am still trying to get e-bay to do something. Jburgh helped me get some info on his e-mail address, so we'll see if they do anything. I can't believe ebay would let him relist after I complained. What kind of message is that sending to bidders?
  12. I 'thought' the person was legally bound to sell you the bag at that price. I remember an internet article less than a year ago where this guy purchased a boat from an ebay-er at less-than-it-was-worth (the winning bid was like $50K but it was worth maybe 200K or something ridiculous on both ends). After the buyer won, the seller rescinded (like yours), unhappy with the final price. Although the seller did NOT relist, he was LEGALLY forced to cough up the boat at the original price... I remember this fo' sho'...

    So maybe if you want to push it, I 'think' you'd win...
  13. I just sent him a question remarking about his having already sold the bag once but not honoring the sale & how do I know this won't happen again.
    Also told him not to bother to reply to me.
  14. SOrry to tell you but this has happened to me before with a new seller - I got a NWT Coach bag for 23 dollars- auction ended at 3:32am and was HORRIBLE LISTING - but authentic bag by photos posted yada yada yada- I paid instant and went to bed- awoke to a refund and note from seller saying he couldn't sell that cheap- I was P*SSED - sent everything to ebay (they we their ebay emails he sent) and they DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. He relisted as well and did it again!!! NOTHING AGAIN when I reported!!! EBay just wants their cut IMO. I did notice he now uses a reserve- what a dumb *ss :push: - anyway out of curiosity how can one sell a Jimmy Choo bag on a 3 day listing?? I have sold SEVERAL MJ bags and have to use either a 5 or 7 day listing because of the bags... Same with Coach as well?!? :shrugs: