Seller won't ship paid item

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  1. #1 Apr 1, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2014
    I recently won a LV Montsouris backpack, it was on a Sunday. Ok, post office closed I understand so I waited till Monday and sent this

    "Dear ***


    I am very excited to have won this Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack, as you may know payment was made promptly via PayPal to ensure shipping and delivery were within the timeframe allotted as indicated in your listing- NLT 4 April.

    I look forward to receiving this item. My address is verified and valid within the PayPal system. Pl relay the shipping tracking number so I may later forward to you the delivery confirmation.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation
    JR (buyer)"

    It's day three and still no response. Shouldn't I have received a courtesy response at least?

    All these forums are about how horrible buyers are--- but what about sellers who have our payments and still won't ship the items we buy? Who - maybe upset that their item sold for less than they hoped (her BIN was $500) - I won the auction with a $385 bid.

    Seriously, at least send me a msg --" I will ship on this date....."
  2. There's no way to know why the seller hasn't responded - they may not have seen your message; they may be trying to keep their 5 star DSR... but it's only been 1 day since you won the item, so I wouldn't worry about anything at this point.

    If the item doesn't show up / be updated with a tracking number within 2-3 weeks, you can file an INR claim.
  3. Try to relax. It's been one business day. Patience.
  4. Okay, I will relax. Just worried. Thanks (with deep breath)
  5. Sellers have a certain amount of time to ship an item. Since it is only been a day or so,
    just be a little patient.

    If you don't receive your item within two weeks & you stll have no communication
    from your seller, I would then consider filing an INR..

    Personally, two weeks is ample time to provide shipping/tracking info.
  6. Look on her shipping page for the listing. What is the handling time? Thise dates eBay and USPS provide are hogwash. Don't pay any attemtion to them at all.
  7. Yes, you are right. I won the item early at 7 am on Sunday - Hawaii time, waited till 8am on Monday - Hawaii time - to send the message and now it's 7:48 am Tuesday and still nothing. Just kinda nervous that I have not received any messages.

    This is my third pre-loved LV buy, the two other sellers located in Japan sent thank you messages and then shipping info within 24 hrs. Of course, the purses are still in customs but I am able to check the status daily.

    This seller is located in Pennsylvania and had expedited shipping listed with a delivery NLT 4 April.

    I hope it comes in within that timeframe
  8. FREE Expedited Shipping | See details

    Item location:
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

    Ships to:
    United States
    Estimated within 3-5 business days
  9. Listing states 2 days. I believe she can wait until Wed to ship under her TOS. I wouldn't worry about it for a few more days.

    It does not look like she sells much so you never know if they understand how ebay works (and she had a neg for possibly selling a fake a very long long time ago).
  10. i always wait 24 hours to ship. if the buyers card is stolen/unathorized payment or the paypal account hacked that would give the victim time to contact ebay/paypal.

    if i got a message from a buyer urging me to ship quickly minutes after payment went through i would view that suspiciously.

    after all, i could ship, then later get a message from ebay telling me NOT to ship.
  11. Once the buyer emails you, they can rate you on your response. So it does no good to ignore the buyer in order to keep the 5 star DSR. Only if there is absolutely no communication between either party will the seller get a 5 star DSR.
  12. A fake? Hum, I hope this one is authentic.

    I have bought two new purses over the last few years at LV Ala Maona, but figured if pre-loved were in good condition with a nice patina-- why not? I can buy three for the price of one new.

    I may have re-evaluate that thought....
  13. I think this is one of those patience is a virtue statements.

    You don't actually know that the seller hasn't shipped. They may well have done but not advised you or ebay of it as yet!

    I paid for an item on Friday. Haven't received the item, haven't heard a peep from the seller regarding whether it has been posted yet and it's supposed to be here by tomorrow. If it arrives, it arrives, if it doesn't then I'll give the seller until Friday before contacting them.
  14. Yeah I was going to ask if you got it authenticated. The heat stamp on the back looks off. :thinking: But then I'm better with newer items, older pieces are more of a challenge. Regardless, you should get it authenticated now, it works out perfectly since it hasn't been shipped yet. Hopefully you can get an answer before it ships.
  15. I don't think 5* communication is applicable for this seller anyway as for an automatic 5* rating then ebay policy states:

    "To give you credit for transactions where a buyer doesn't need to contact you, you'll automatically receive a 5-star communication detailed seller rating if:
    *You specify either same business day or 1 business day handling and upload tracking information within 1 business day.
    *There are no buyer- or seller-initiated communications in eBay Messages
    *There are no requests for contact information between you and the buyer."

    Think noshoepolish said the listing stated 2 days handling so the communication DSR would be automatically open to the buyer in this case, regardless of who initiated any messages?