Seller won't sell me item I won.

  1. Unfortunately this seems to be happening alot lately... You can file NPS in eBay but won't do much unless he has a pattern of doing this...

    I am sorry you have been so disappointed... I have experienced this too... :crybaby:
  2. Even though eBay seems to be doing very little about these kinds of sellers, I would still complain to them. I have been buying and selling on eBay since 1998 and can't imagine doing this .... and am also incredulous that Ebay refuses to step in. Perhaps if enough people complain and try to get them to enforce their own rules, it will help. Of course, they can't make someone sell something, but they CAN penalize them - and they should.

    Good luck!
  3. I would fight it send him the payment thru paypal and tell him it's a contract. (when you send the payment you kept your part of the deal you can't fight without paying first)

    This happened to me I won a chanel bag for a really really good price, the seller said she made a mistake.

    I don't believe so I think they thought there item was going to do better.

    If you are going to run a business you have to be professional about it.

    If that doesn't work tell him you will take legal action as it's a contract and the seller wouldn't like it if it was the other way around.

    I got my Chanel you should get your LV coin purse.
  4. If you don't get your LV, I would def leave negative feedback for this seller. That is terrible.
  5. Wow!

    It must be the season for sellers who haven't read the rules on Ebay.
    As what happen to me.

    I can really feel the frustration and anger that you are going through.
    And I'm sorry that you are going through this.
    My heart:heart: and sympathy goes out to you!
    Atleast in mine though I feel the lady was honest in her mistake and at least she was responsible enough to call me and listen to my point of view which in my book allowed me to forgive her.

    But if this seems to be the trend then we need to find a better way buying /selling our products if they be handbags, guitars, or what ever.
    It is Ebay that is the true problem here.:cursing:
    Or do ban together and do like we are doing to the JERK in the JC RING thread.:angel:
    If Ebay won't stop this then just maybe we can.

    Ladies we can make it hard on these people also.
    Maybe we also need a list of of Sellers that you can't trust.
    And make it a stickie like the one for buyers.
    None of us need this kind of frustration!
    But instead of getting mad lets get even!:yes:


  6. maybe it was an honest mistake.
  7. There's really nothing you can do other than file a complaint with ebay and neg him.

    I have been watching many auctions with low starting prices these days -- people are too cheap to pay the fees associated with higher starting prices or reserves. One seller had a listing I was watching and she cancelled it three times the day before the auction ended -- I assume the price was too low and she wasn't willing to risk it ending low.

    Really annoying.
  8. Sadly it is happenening alot, but if he meant to put a reserve on the item then he should of put a reserve on his item.... thst is not your fault he didn't and you are within every right to keep fighting your corner to receive the item you rightfully won. Message the seller details of this thread .... i have used the PF on 2 occasions to successfully resolve issues (when they see what they are doing is completely wrong) good luck i hope you win your case.... you legally should:yes:
  9. the seller admited that he/she didn't want to sell at low bid, so filing a non-perfoming seller report would be in order. he is going to regret that. Vuitton items are one of the items on the 'restricted list' meaning the seller may not be able to relist for a while...

    What buyers can do if they feel a seller has violated the Seller Non-Performance policy
    If a seller has refused to complete a sale, and payment has not been sent or payment has been refunded, report the seller. Make sure to include a copy of the email documenting the seller's refusal to complete the sale with the full message text and complete email headers when making your report
  10. I have sent three messages, one with the link regarding ebays nonperforming sellers. I have yet to hear anything from the seller. So annoying.
  11. What bothers me in all of this is that it is further proof of the deterioration of eBay. Soon feedback will mean absolutely nothing as buyers and sellers will either not go through with a sale or not pay for items with nary a care as to feedback because "everyone" will soon have a few, if not many, negative feedbacks racked up. And frankly, they just don't care!

    Ebay is more about "Stores" these days, the little guy is just that, the little guy.

    I absolutely looove Jimmy Choo handbags, but it is disgusting to me to see the number of fakes that are listed while the authentic bags go for a song because no one trusts any designer bag to be authentic these days.

    I fear the end is near. Or at least the end of what eBay was supposed to be about many moons ago (I've been a member since 1996), it's changed SO much since then.

    Oh! But if you have a grilled cheese sandwich with the likeness of Mother Theresa on it, you're good to go!

  12. LOL! I died laughing when I saw that someone actually bought that (maybe it was the Virgin Mary, I can't remember) . I swear, some of the stuff that sells on ebay is ridiculous.
  13. This is a shame...unfortunately you cannot force anyone to sell you the item. All you can do is report them to ebay and leave a negative feedback, which I would definitely do if I were in your position.