Seller won't get in touch with me...grrrr....

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  1. Ok goes. I bought a north face backpack off ebay on April 2. I paid less than 3 hours after the auction was finished (there wasn't a time requirement for payment) It is now the 8th and I have emailed the seller twice to ask when I would be getting said backpack...with no response. :cursing: The reason for buying the backpack was for a trip this coming weekend....

    Here is the first post I sent to the seller:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Just checking to see when the backpack will be sent.

    Here is the second email I sent to the seller:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]I don't mean to be a pain, but I am wondering when the backpack is going to be sent out. The reason for buying it, is because I really wanted it for a weekend trip...this coming weekend. Please let me know where this transaction is at.
    thanks again

    I have never been burnt by a seller before...I am looking for guidance for my next step of action.
  2. I won something Mar 27th and haven't received it (or sometime right around them).

    I won't ask until maybe another 4-5 days.
  3. some sellers dont bother getting in touch at'll just find the package sitting on your doorstep or a notice that u have to claim a package from the po
  4. I can understand that it might not have reached you via USPS yet, but her not getting in touch with you or replying to your emails is just not very good business. I hope that you get the backpack before your trip.
  5. I don't understand sellers that don't communicate. It sucks. You have to wait 10 days to file item not received. I hope that it just shows up for you. I often wonder what kind of feedback they expect when they obviously think so little of the buyer's concerns.
  6. ^ totally pisses me off when buyers or sellers don't know, even just a quick email to let me know that you're a real person?
  7. I think you need to wait a bit longer. If you need an item for a certain date it is always a good idea to ask if its possible before bidding. Some sellers only ship on certain days.
  8. I'd wait a few more days and see what happens. I too hate it when ebayers dont communicate. *Hopes for the best for you!*