Seller won't answer

  1. So I won these gorgeous shoes like a week ago but seller still didn't answer and I wrote her 4 email, 3 via her personal mail and 1 via eBay.
    The thing is, the seller has put up new listings since the auction ended so I know she's been by a computer..

    I thought she didnt answer because I won the shoes for a pretty low price.

    So what should I do now? This annoys me. She has 29 positive feedback so there was nothing suspiscous.

    When do I leave neg feedback? I do want the shoes though :sad: :cursing:
  2. I'm so sorry your seller hasn't answered you and I don't know how long you should wait- I know a seller can file for non payment after 7 days. hopefully someone wich more experience than I can advise you.
    But I do know that she may have scheduled the new listings your seeing and not actually be at on the computer when they go up, eBay lets you schedule listings in advance for a fee
  3. Don't suspicious her first, may she's getting sick or something? Check her selling & buying activities, if she's within a week, it mean she may refuse to sell to you. In this case, you'd report to eBay
  4. Have you paid?
  5. No I haven't paid yet. Since im paying with moneyorder I always wait for the seller to confirm and send me an invoice first, but she didnt :sad:
  6. Just like for non-paying bidders, there is a system for what ebay calls "seller nonperformance". Do a search for this under the "help" tab and follow the instructions. A bid *is* a contract that both parties enter into and I'm pretty sure the seller can get a strike for not following through. Be sure to leave feedback! I'm sorry this happened to you.
  7. Yes, may be worth finally contacting her to check there isn't any misunderstanding as you haven't yet paid. The sending of invoices/payment can be confusing - some people pay immediately, some sellers don't ever invoice, some do even after receiving payment etc. If you're not a 'typical' buyer for her e.g not using Paypal if that's what she's most used to, it may well be she is expecting payment before doing anything. Worth one last shot at communication first? I'd also be frank about the amount of times you have tried to resolve this and say politely that you hope to hear back from her in 24 hours to resolve this, but if not, you will have to instigate the procedure for non-performance to get things moving etc. Let us know how it goes.
  8. did you do the usual checkout? you may get all the info you need from there - .. she may be expecting you to do that. something similar happened to me like 2 years ago and in the end all I had to do was check out to find everyting I needed....
  9. And here I thought when the buyer doesn't answer that there is something odd going on. Just doesn't seem right at all that the seller wouldn't answer questions.
  10. I won't 2 skirts with pretty low prices and the seller has not answered for total payment to. I sent her 4 emails and am still waiting. Normally how long should you wait?
  11. Wait a few more days. The same thing happened to me twice when the seller did not respond to my email right away. In one case, the seller was sick. In the other, the seller responded to my unused email address instead of eBay messages. In both cases, it was a happy ending. Thus, your situation may not be hopeless.

    There is a way to get hold of the seller faster. Do an advance search to get her contact information such as phone number and private email address. Then contact her using her phone number or email address.

    Since you have not heard from the seller, I suggest that you use your credit card to pay (or Paypal using your credit card) instead of money order. This way, if the seller defaults, you can always reverse charge, and get your money back.