Seller with over 30,000 all positive FB sold me a sweater with a flaw!

  1. The seller has 100% feedback on well over 30,000 sales.

    I never buy used garments on eBay, but I have this designer's cashmere sweater, in another colour, so I know the fit and fabric and felt safe to buy. Even though, the seller uses a minimal amount of pictures, I knew this older sweater she was selling and I knew how well they held up through the years.

    I don't like confrontation and I don't like people being annoyed with me.

    I didn't notice the flaw at first. The sweater has a more open knit, not a tight knit and I didn't see the flaw until I held it in a certain way that allowed the light to go through. It's a horizontal run, across the back, which makes a ropey line. It isn't all that visible from the outside of the garment. It was not at all visible from her one picture that showed the back of the garment... but now that I know it's there, I feel I bid too high on the sweater. Considering it has a flaw.

    She already left me FB after I paid. But what do I want? If I send it back, it will cost almost half of the winning bid, so I'm not anxious to do that.

    I'll take pictures and send them to her... but what do I want her to do? I hate confrontation, but I feel stupid for bidding the price up.

    ... and I'll never buy a used garment on eBay again.
  2. ^well, how much was the sweater, and how much did you bid? I think that would help me decide if it was worth pursuing or not. If this is like a 900 dollar sweater we are talking about, I'd be high-tailing my way to my email account, and sending an email to the seller, KWIM?
  3. Starting bid was $30.00 and I bid it up to $70.00. It's an old sweater, but I like the style and I know it can be washed beautifully.
  4. and out of curiosity, how much does the sweater retail for?
  5. Good question. In Canada, it might have been close to $500 - $600, but I bet the original owner of the sweater (this seller now sells for others) bought it on the discount rack, considering the flaw.

    ... and the seller stated the sweater was in "great" condition. She may not have known the flaw was there. It wasn't her personal sweater she was selling.
  6. Yeah, I'd go ahead and contact her. I would state that I know she has stellar feedback, and she may not have seen the flaw because it is hard to see, and ask for either a partial refund, or to return it. I really dont think that is too much to ask of her, and given her eBay record, she probably will work with you on this.
  7. How does one ask for a partial refund? How should I word it?
  8. I agree. With that many positives, it's very likely that she'd be willing to work with you, so that you will be satisfied w/ your purchase. I mean, with so many transactions, you can't be her first buyer to discover something wrong w/ an item :smile:
  9. Flash and no flash:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. I would contact her and see if she is willing to work with you....if it was hard for you to notcie, then it could very well be that she didn't notice it as well. I would just write her a nice letter, and maybe suggest to her that she overlooked it since it was so hard to find.

    Good luck
  11. OK:huh: not to be dumb about this but - isn't that the inside? What does the back look like with the flaw??
  12. I am not sure I understand. You got a $500-$600 sweater for $70, and you're surprised that it has a flaw? Is the flaw visible when the item is worn, or only on the inside? I just want to make sure I get the whole picture before I give out my advice.
  13. Yes, it's the inside, because that's where you can see it so well. It isn't as visible from the outside, which is why she probably missed it.

    Here is another shot of the inside and the back:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. Cynthia, I respect your opinion, so please tell me. Am I being unreasonable? The item is used, should I have expected a flaw? (Sincere question.)
  15. Well, to be honest...if it were me, I would not be *surprised* to see that it had a flaw based on the resale price vs the original retail. I think I would have been more surprised if it had been perfect, KWIM?
    I don't think you're necessarily being unreasonable, but even if the item were new with tags and sold at that price, I would kind of expect there to be a little something wrong with it :s

    (And I so love you for not being mad at the way I phrased my earlier question!! :heart:)