Seller will not leave feedback

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  1. I know far worse things happen on eBay, but here is my issue.

    I sold a bag to a seller weeks ago. The transaction went smooth and fast. Shipped the bag, nicely packaged, to the seller quickly. After a week, I started to wonder why she had not left me feedback. I assume she received the bag, there had to be signature confirmation, plus I have not heard any complaints from the seller. So I decide to leave feedback. Another week passes, and still no feedback from the seller. I send her an email to please leave feedback and nothing still! It's been about a month now. I am worried that if I continue to bug her about it that she will end up leaving me negative feedback. Any suggestions?? Am I overthinking this? Positive feedback is very important to me!
  2. Do you mean that the buyer will not leave feedback? Regardless, you cannot force someone to leave feedback. I will send a quick, polite note once and if they still do not leave feedback I forget about it. There are many buyers on eBay who do not leave feedback and pestering them may indeed make them leave less than positive comments.

    I NEVER leave a buyer feedback first. If they do not leave it for me, they don't get any either. As a buyer I usually leave feedback first.
  3. Yes, buyer won't leave feedback.

    You are right, I should have just waited. I am still learning all this eBay stuff. I only have about 30 transactions and positive feedback is very important since I am trying to build a good reputation.
  4. you can send her an email reminding her. but as said before nobody can be forced to leave a FB.
  5. Yes, positive feedback is very important and I find it maddening when people don't take a few seconds to leave feedback.

    ETA - she already emailed her once asking for feedback.
  6. I never leave feedback first when I'm the seller. Some buyers think leaving neg feedback is fun, so if I leave it first, they could say anything about me in mine.

    I always leave it first when I'm the buyer though.

    You'll get used to it. Many ebayers just dont leave feedback. They might not know how to.
  7. This might help you in the future if you don't do this already -- include a personal note with the item you sell, asking them to leave you positive FB if they're happy with the transaction. Getting something personal sometimes works.
  8. That is good advice and something I often do. I also send an email when shipped advising the tracking number and at that time asking for feeback when they receive the item and are satisfied.
  9. Sometimes people just don't leave feedbacks. If I were you, I would just leave it and make other sales. I sometimes received feedbacks a few weeks after it was shipped. Most of my sales received feedback within 3 - 5 days. I always left a note in my package and ask the buyer to leave me a feedback if everything is fine. If they don't, I would never email them for that purpose, neither leave them feedbacks. However, if I am a buyer, I always leave feedbacks first.
  10. I actually did this, well, some of it. I left a personal note on pretty stationary stating thanks and hope you enjoy the beautiful bag. I usually wait, as a seller, to leave feedback, but I got nervous thinking that maybe she was waiting for me, so I decided to bite the bullet and leave a positive feedback for her.

  11. Sometimes no matter how polite you are people just won't leave feedback. I think you should just move on and don't worry too much about it. V
  12. No feedback is better then negative feedback! ;)
  13. It is perfectly fine to email again saying I am sorry to bother you, but if you would not mind could you please leave feedback if you were pleased with my payment as I am new to ebay and trying to build my feedback, thanks! otherwise after that i would say let it go.
  14. Thanks everybody for the great advice and support!!! :yahoo:
  15. It is IMO annoying if a person doesn't leave feedback, but like someone else mentioned, you can't force it. I think we have all had our share of ebayers who just don't take the time. I would not ask but just once. They got the point, and perhaps they just don't know how to. Also, I sometimes look to see what their fb history looks like for the seller. Sometimes they wait a while, who knows. Just move on, like Jewlbear said. :smile: