Seller who tell the biggest lies when an item doesn't reach the desired price!

  1. I meant sellers!

    So I bid on and won a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes last Friday morning and paid right away as I always do. Today I received this ridiculous message:

    Hello there,
    I am afraid I have bad news. I am unable to sell you these shoes. . Some item's got stolen from home last night.. A few designer dresses, a pair of pants, This pair of shoes and a pair of vintage Yo'Yo's. I beleive it may have been the maids but I am not sure, as I had a purse party here also, and had many people in my e-bay room. I feel awful about this. You and a few other buyers are not going to be able to recieve your items. If I some how retrieve these shoes. I will e-mail you and sell them to you at the same price you won them for. Mean time I will refund you your money. May I please have the e-mail adress you want them refunded too ?

    I am so mad that she even expects me to believe this stupid story she has concocted in her head. I replied that I didn't believe her and to ship the shoes.
    Should I just forget about it, is there anything else I can do??
  2. I would keep an eye on her and if she reposts it, keep the message she sent you, and send it over to eBay. Its worth a try. But I'm sorry that happened to you. I would be so upset if that happened to me. Don't you feel eBay is just getting worse?
  3. I'm sure she won't relist them, they were new & she'll probably take them back to the store. She should have just started the bidding at a higher price or added a reserve.
    I would have a lot more respect for someone if they were just honest, tell me it's too much of a loss, but please do me a favor & don't make up some BS story about your house being robbed almost a week after I bought them.
  4. You definitely have more experience than I do with this, but why do you think she's making up the story? Purse parties are pretty common, and people tend to bring friends that are not friends of the hostess, so maybe stuff was stolen?
  5. At least her 2 yr old toddler didn't use her account to bid. Yes I have gotten that from a buyer that couldn't pay! Then I looked up their buying history and they had bid on porn in the same day. That's one kinky baby. LOL
  6. I think she has been thinking of a way to get out of sending the shoes, I puchased them last Friday morning and received the message today Thursday. My point is she should have mailed them out already, she had 4-5 business days to ship them.
  7. Yes, honesty is always the best policy. Specially on ebay,when what honest sellers are trying to do is to build a good reputation.
  8. I see your point. I guess I'm still too naive and want to believe everyone. Sorry this happened :sad:
  9. Good topic. I've gotten to wear I won't buy from anyone if I see them lying. That includes all kinds of lying in their listing titles. It really irritates me - I used to write it off as "new seller" or whatever, but it's just too systematic - just like this ridiculous "shoes were stolen" story.

    There are dozens of listing for designer handbags in which the seller knowingly lies about the retail price (right now there's an 06 Camel Balenciaga City that retailed for around 1085 - $1100 max, and the seller says in the title $1850 retail!) I asked them if it was really a much larger bag (even then, it's too expensive) - and they wrote back, "Yes it's a motorcycle bag."

    Heck - could practically buy a whole motorcycle for that. :rolleyes: It's NOT an $1850 retail bag - that's just lying. There are others doing the same thing. The sellers think they are merely exaggerating, but I"m sure it's against Ebay listing policy.

    But I do love dealing with the many honest sellers on ebay - and thankfully, there are many.

    You could report this seller, btw, as a NPS (non performing seller) and perhaps you should. They probably shouldn't remain in the eBay business community if they get too many of these strikes (eBay won't ban them for just one complaint).

    I would report, myself, btw - especially after hearing about purse parties. Makes me think the shoes she was going to send were fakes anyway, and perhaps she realized how much trouble she can get in with that.
  10. i'd file a report w/ ebay saying that the seller isnt following through with the auction.

    might even get them NARU'd for a few weeks ;)
  11. I sent her a message saying that I didn't believe her story and here is the response:

    wow. that was unexpected. thanks for being so understanding. Can not send you shoes I do not have. Ill be refunding you your money and you can do what you like. Ill be sending copies of my e-mails and your responses to ebay anyway. good luck

    I will just file the non-performing seller thing and hope she gets naru'd for a while, but I doubt she will.

  12. westigirl, i think she was probably telling the truth. i like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and not only that, if she didn't want to sell them for so low, she would have made the starting bid higher, you know?

    Besides that, stranger things have happened. I've had people steal packages off my doorstep, etc so you never know.
  13. :yes: Yea, I gotta agree with this.

    I mean, I know you are upset and all, I would too. But sometimes, things really do happen. :sweatdrop: *shrugs* Did you read her feedbacks? Did she have a history of "items got stollen"?
  14. What is up with that ebay room? I started laughing out loud about that. I have sold several items on ebay, but never made a room my "ebay room".
  15. I really like to give people the benefit of the doubt and I have had personal experience with packages being lost in the mail. I'm big on benefit of the doubt.
    However, my thing is the shoes should have been sent out in the mail before Wednesday evening, especially considering I had paid on Friday morning. Besides who blames the 'maids' or people you have over at your house in an ebay room? Also who doesn't notice someone leaving with a bunch of stuff , i.e. shoes, dresses, pants, that they didn't arrive with? I have people over to my house and no one walks out of the door carrying half of my closet! I'm sorry, but for me it all sounds too farfetched to even begin to believe. I would have been more inclinded to believe that the dog ate them or some spaceship abduction story. Oh and by the way I received a message that the PA will be issuing the refund! Whatever...
    I guess it's just one for the books & afterall at the end of the day there's nothing I can do. I just think if you are going to come up with an excuse at the very least make it a good one. Better yet the plain truth, that I can happily accept.