seller who don't want sell to!!!

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  1. anyway , does anyone here experience asking the seller if you can will place a bid or make offer and got an answer from the seller that she will only sell or will considered an offer from reputable buyer w/ track records from high price purchase:mad:. so i email the seller and told her that i might be a newbie on eBay and don't have a track record from high price purchase,is that mean that she won't considered my offer??? and told her that does not mean i'm one of those trouble maker newbies and my intention is real, and everyone start from being a newbies and that's include her.... so her reply was...unfortunately, guess that what it mean, not entertaining me. coz her and other auth lv seller have had bad experience w/ low feedback buyers:hysteric:.

    and i understand her concern regarding newbies, but not all new ebayer are trouble maker... isn't it everyone has to start from being a new:rolleyes:.:wtf: . anyway , i ddin't get the bag that i want, she accept other offer. w/c i could have considered if she counteroffer me. but i guess got chicken out coz i'm a new bie:p
  2. It isn't fair to discriminate against newbies. I've sold two high-end bags to 0 fb'ers and both transactions were flawless. Don't let it get you down. It's the Seller's loss. :flowers:
  3. Unfortunately, I think that's the nature of eBay these days. Even if the buyer says they'll send Paypal right away, etc. to make a seller feel more comfortable. I've heard lots of stories these days of newly signed up buyers with 0 fb who seem wonderful initially, then after they get the goods, are doing chargebacks on their credit cards, etc. It does stink that it has to be that way, but there have been soooo many stories both in the media, here, and among people I've talked to about how eBay is getting scarier all the time for legitimate sellers. My recommendation would be to gain some feedback initially even on just small items to build up some sort of reputation. That's what I did initially. I would purchase skincare, fragrance, clothing, etc. to get a good feedback rep. going. Then, I started going for the bigger stuff. Again, wish it didn't have to be this way, but seems like it's becoming more prevolant.
  4. I don't think it's fair to reject newbies. I sold a couple of LV items to buyers with zero feedback and everything went super. You contacted her with your offer and she should have seen that as a serious interest. Her loss.
  5. Generalising about people based on random criteria is always problematic and I agree that this is horrid. However, I do also understand the wariness of sellers who have been burned. Even on this subforum there are regular accounts in which transactions have gone awry with new Ebayers. I know that there is no scientific cause and effect between Ebay longevity and transaction success, but for many there is an unease. I tend to compromise with a 'could those new to Ebay contact me so we can work through the vagaries of this sometimes overwhelming system together and in advance of a sale' message on listings. I have, to date, never refused anyone who has contacted me and the sales have been a dream, but I am glad we had the chance to form a relationship in advance of the bidding stage. I hope you find an alternative bag very soon.
  6. I am one of those sellers who wont deal with newbie ebays. The problem is so many newbies think its a game. They bid or make an offer and win, then they give us sellers grief over when payment will be sent, they dont contact us, they change their mind and dont want the item. It goes on and on. Its just easier to only deal with established buyers. It doesnt even matter if they are a tPF member.

    Yes, it does suck. But for us sellers when games are played and the buyers dont take their win seriously, it costs us money and time.

    I have however worked with a couple of newbies when they contacted me first, before bidding. Those couple of transactions worked out well. It was a judgement call. I have to go with my gut instinct. But usually I wont do it.

    Try and build up your feedback by buying small items. Unfortunately you will run into more and more sellers who dont deal with newbies.

    Good luck!
  7. I am undecided about this one. I have sold at least 6 bags in the past few months and all but one of the bidders with low feedback turned out to be non-paying bidders.

    I am also having more trouble with new international bidders who don't pay either.

    My best advice to you is to buy lower priced items to raise your feedback score, and then purchase the higher priced items.
  8. As you may have gathered in another thread, I'm just re-dipping my toes into selling after giving up on ebay about 2 years ago.

    When I used to sell (and even now), I warn that I will cancel any bids from <10 FB if they don't take the time to contact me prior to bidding. It's huge, bolded, etc.

    I had major problems in the past with 0 FB, and also with low FB. I've also had wonderful 0 FB bidders in the past. So basically, I'm willing to sell to them as long as they contact me first. If someone can't even read the action to see that, it's unlikely they're going to be responsible after the auction's closed.

    We all had to start somewhere, but blatantly ignoring the #1 term of an auction is NOT the way to do it.
  9. I am also one of those who is extremely reluctant to sell to newbies. I have done it--but I've asked to be contacted in advance and then it depends what kind of sense I get of the person. I have had largely pleasant experiences, but I still would hesitate because of the problems reported by others. The reality is that there is just no way of knowing who you are dealing with if there is no track record. I wouldn't buy from a newbie either. Yes, everyone has to start somewhere, but I am an occasional seller only and quite frankly, it's not worth the hassle.
  10. My first transaction on ebay was for an authentic LV bag and I was not only a 0 feedback bidder but an international one as well. Luckily, I got the sweetest seller ever and it was a wonderfully smooth and pleasant experience on both ends. :heart:

    I've experienced a lot of 0 feedback, non-paying bidders myself but I still try to give them as much benefit of the doubt as possible because everyone started out at 0 sometime
  11. I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but I can definitely see why a lot of sellers are reluctant to sell to 0 feedback or low feedback buyers. I've gotten burned a couple of times for listing fees when someone decides not to pay. Guess you have to learn by trial and error! However everyone does have to start somewhere.
  12. Selling to a newbie with "immediate payment required" and "confirmed address required" is fine with me for a designer bag. But in an auction format? No. Selling to a newbie for a lower-priced item? No problem.

    The reason has been mentioned. Lots of newer ebayers bid on things for fun and are surprised when they actually have to pay. Some don't have confirmed addresses. Some want to meet up. Etc etc. The horrors, lol.
  13. It's a shame, but it is the reality of ebay recently as others have said. I too have had problems with 0 and low feedback buyers, as well as good experiences as well. It's just that you have your heart in your mouth until the sale is completed and the buyer leaves you positive feedback. With an expensive bag, it sometimes doesn't seem worth the risk.
  14. Oh thought your seller has bad experience with newbie, sorry it happend to you but major of sellers do it, hope you'll find another nice seller :smile:
  15. I usually let newbies bid, and you really can't do anything about them if they snipe. I require immediate payment on BIN items, and for buyers to have confirmed addresses and a paypal account. That's about all I can do. Most of the time people pay... although slowly!!