Seller who do not respond to queries

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  1. Some sellers' behavior confused me. Finally found the bag I have been waiting for on eBay. Posted some queries to her on the very first day she posted advert. Till today, less than 48 hours to closing, she has not responded to me.
  2. That's how it goes with some people. It's like they work hard at NOT selling their stuff.

    I wouldn't buy it without a response from the seller.
  3. Don't risk buying from this seller. Problems will only arise.
  4. Yes, I do not intend to bid unless she replies me. Too scary. Worst case scenario - no shipment after I paid!
  5. ^^Indeed! It's too bad it's a bag you really wanted... but another one will show up eventually ;)
  6. I agree with what others have said. Give your money to a seller who has some interest in customer service.
  7. ITA, don't buy from sellers who do not respond to queries, and also sellers who answer part of your questions and leaving some questions unanswered.
  8. i agree dont buy. i really hate this as well. if you want to sell something expect questions....and answer them!
  9. I have had this happen as well. I totally understand your frustration and I don't get why a seller would not show any interest in selling their item. But I never bid on something if I can't even get a seller to respond to my question!
  10. The seller clearly shows poor customer service and lacks communication skills. I wouldn't buy from them.
  11. Bad customer service. If she isn't responding to you now, just imagine how bad her communication would be if you won the bag and had an issue. It is completely unacceptable.
  12. Same thing happened to me, it was stated it was a used bag and I wrote to ask what kind of wear it might show - any scratches, stains, etc. No response back. So of course I did not bid. I really don't understand why seller's wouldn't take the time to answer questions.

  13. How stupid is it to not respond to a potential buyer's questions? Don't bother wasting your money on this seller.
    I hope you find your bag elsewhere.
  14. That drives me crazy! I usually answer questions within an hour. I can't believe some people don't answer at all!
  15. Not answering question is totally unacceptable. I had a seller who answered my question after the auction had ended. It was a simple question like "does it come with a shoulder strap?"