Seller wants to sell to me outside ebay??

  1. So, I've been corresponding with this Jimmy Choo handbag seller. I missed the end of her last auction (no bids) and she offered to sell it to me via Paypal for her reserve price. She said that it's the same as me buying through ebay. Is this true? Do I get the same buyer's protection against fakes if it's just a PayPal transaction?

    Or should I just insist she use ebay. I guess she could list under the .10 listing sale going on today right?

  2. Nooooooooooo! Dont do it, it is so easy for you to get scammed. You need to report her to ebay! Hang tight you'll find antother bag your looking for.
  3. Only go through ebay...outside of ebay there are even more ways you can get scammed than inside ebay! You could let her know that you don't feel comfortable doing the transaction outside ebay (any reasonable seller would understand) and suggest to her that she relist with a buy-it-now equal to her reserve price. That way she gets her reserve price, and you get the safety of buying through ebay.

    Good luck!!!!!!!!
  4. It's against eBay rules to do this, if I'm not mistaken. Of course the seller wants to avoid paying the listing and selling fees, but what recourse would you have thru eBay or Paypal if you do the transaction outside of eBay, if something goes wrong?
  5. True. I guess she seems nice and I've wanted this bag forever. But I'm going to tell her to put it on eBay then even though she said she can still do paypal for me outside eBay. Thanks for your help!
  6. DO NOT DO IT. i made that mistake and paypal would do nothing for me when i recieved a fake. i had to go through my CC card company to get my money back. it was a lot of work and hassle, too. i reported her to ebay and they did nothing. she is still selling her fake bags. so much for ebay's backing up a buyer!
  7. She did relist the bag last week because I asked about it, but then couldn't bid on it b/c of comp. problems. Now she's complaining that every time she lists it, she is charged the listing fee and that she can't do buy it now because it is for seller of a certain stature. I feel bad, but she's making me feel obligated to buy the bag, and at a higher price since she's relisting it.

    Looks like I'll have to dream about another Jimmy Choo. :sad:
  8. Can I ask which Jimmy Choo it is? I think there's only 5 or so authentic Jimmy Choos right now, especially a lot of fakes for the Ramona bag!
  9. Don't do it!!!!! Don't do it!!!!! Don't do it!!!! I learned the hard way by doing a deal outside ebay! I was sold a fake bag and Paypal and ebay could care less!!!!
  10. NO!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!

    I learned the hard EXPENSIVE way ...

    I got completey ripped of from a seller who was MPRS at the time.
    Lost my money and never received the bag
  11. Well....she has to have a feedback rating of 10 to do a BIN. I wouldn't buy from her if she has less than that, at least not an expensive item.
  12. if you don't want to buy outside, tell her that you'll pay the ebay fees (it's slightly more than 3% usually) and ask her to put a bin for you. On the other hand, i sell outside of ebay often and bought a few times outside of ebay with no problems at all. just make sure the seller is reliable.
  13. The more you tell us about this seller, the more weary I feel about her. She sounds extremely sketchy and I'm starting to think the bag is a fake. Why else would she be using all these pressure tactics?? I think you should definitely stay'll find the bag again! Don't worry! :yes:
  14. Please dont do it ! She can just set up an auction for you through eBay easily, rather than dealing outside of eBay when you do not have any protection against ANYTHING!
  15. Only thru a more protected route! Not off eBay! That's no protection at all!