Seller wants to quadruple postage quote!

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  1. I emailed a seller to ask the cost of postage to Australia of 9 books. This was the reply..
    [​IMG][FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hello
    I won't charge any more than £6.50, it can always be adjusted later if you win and the postage cost turns out to be a lot more or less.

    Thanks for your interest!

    So I emailed back to verify the cost as this seemed vague, is it 6.50 or not? Received the following..

    Yes, sorry.
    I'll put £6.50 initially, and if you win, when you've paid, if I post it and the cost needs adjusting by a lot, I'll let you know, and we can use PayPal for any changes.

    Hope that helps!

    I thought that she would give a semi-accurate quote and may vary by a few pounds.
    Got this today...

    Hi Michelle

    I went to the Post Office today and need to ask you how you want me to send the books. I had them all boxed up and the combined weight meant the postage was over £40 for the quickest method.

    I asked about other ways of doing this, and I could maybe split them into two parcels which will work out cheaper, but either way, postage will be at least £25.

    Let me know what you'd like me to do. (end quote)

    So gone from won't charge more than 6.50 to 25-40 GBP!!!! The books cost 30GBP!

    Who is in the wrong? I bid with the impression the postage would be somewhere in the ball park of 6.50GBP. If postage plus books is going to be 70GBP I could buy them here NEW!!

    Can I hold her to the approx 6.50GBP as quoted (perhaps give alittle more) or am I trapped?

  2. Mmm... I don't know what sort of books you're ordering but I just calculated on the aust post website and 40 pounds seems to be about right? I assumed half a kg for each book.

    Though honestly... she must either be completely clueless or just... I don't know. I mean her quote was definitely way smaller!
  3. You're not trapped. She has to either ship them for what she quoted and suck up the rest or she may choose not to ship at all and grant you a refund, which she isn't really allowed to do, but you are not obligated to pay more then she quoted. Save that email where she quoted you though, in case she tries to file an NPB report.
  4. Sorry yeah I forgot to add that, yes she does have to ship them for what she quoted. That is what she said she'll do, she can't retract that. I was just surprised by how stupid you could be to get that wrong.
  5. Update email...
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hello
    I apologise, I miscalculated badly. It's because of the weight of the books and the fact they are going to Australia.

    I can either go ahead and post them in separate parcels for an extra £15, or maybe you would like to be refunded and I can sell the books again.

    My sincere apologies again for the miscalculation.
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana][/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]I really want these books (Georgette heyer - I am addicted to regency romance but that is another thread I think). The devil in me says stuff her it's her mistake but the nice person says we all make mistakes, get a refund and let the matter go. I tend to act on the nicer side in life..... what would you do?[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]BTW I don't think she has offered to suck it up... she offers a refund or I have to pay more. No other option.

  6. Aww. She sounds like she made a genuine mistake. I would definitely get the refund and let it go.
    To be honest, that first quote of L6.50 was so ludicrously low that I can't imagine who in the world would have thought any number of books greater than one could be shipped for that. Books are really, really heavy--ask my husband, who complained bitterly for weeks after we last moved house and he had to shlep all my book boxes everywhere. LOL!
    I would say err on the side of niceness here because she's clearly not trying to defraud you, and she must have made an honest mistake (as did you in my opinion by thinking the initial shipping quote was accurate--even though it's not your responsibility).
    The bottom line to me here is that they're books, they are not one of a kind items that you can never get anywhere else.
  7. why not meet halfway with the cost?
  8. yep, I must admit, when I first started shipping to Australia, I used to think it would be similar to shipping to Europe, but would just take longer, but its not, its alot more expensive, and for some reason, UK to Oz is one of THE most expensive destinations to ship too (I know its a long way lol)

    It does sound like she really did not know, and you must have thought Christmas had come early to get your shipping for 6.50 lol!!!

    Maybe both come to a compromise, but as to who is right or wrong, she should not have quoted you before going to the Post office and seeing!!
  9. I thought it was cheap but before US changed their shipping, I used to get alot more books sent via surface "Mbag" for around 15US. I assumed it must of been similar service in the UK. Took 3 months but cheaper!
    I think I will refund, she sounds genuine and i don't want to hassle, karma and all that
  10. Be nice - let it go and get your refund. :smile: Seriously I think she is clueless to the real cost of shipping. After this, I am sure she will learn.
  11. Our rates have gone up in the states and things are getting very expensive to ship. I just got caught and lost a few bucks recently on a sale.

    My guess is she was trying to give you a quote without boxing up all the items and taking them to the post office for an exact amount. She was trying to save herself a trip I guess. I can totally understand that cause its a pain to do that and then you never hear from the bidders again and you end up wasting alot of time and gas.

    If I were in your shoes I would totally understand. If you dont want to pay for it then just ask her to cancel the transaction. Good Luck.
  12. Update, I am splitting the difference of the postage costs with the seller so we are equally out of pocket. She's happy and seems the fairest way to go. Alls well that ends well!!
  13. Seller seems nice about it and is very fair about splitting the costs...

    I had enquired previously on eBay about shipping some books to Oz to from both UK and US.. The prices are extraordinary as the books were heavy... May be next time you can get them from Amazon instead?? Check both UK and US websites..

    I had the whole series of Friends on DVD (box set) which i bought from Amazon UK and they only charged me 7GBP of so to send over to Australia!!!