Seller wants to meet me in person for cash.....

  1. I put a bid on a bag, it was authenticated on tpf as being real, price is below retail,it is a hot bag, in demand. she is a new seller with 2 positive feedbacks. She lives like 10 minutes from me and I asked if she would lower shipping and she suggested I met her with the cash and do the transaction then and there. Ske also said I could look the bag over , make sure it is real... ect. What would you do?:confused1:
  2. Id meet somewhere public and bring someone with me. Also, depending on which designer it is, maybe you could get it authenticated with the seller.
  3. I would say go for it only if you know how to tell the bag is real, otherwise do it the old fashion way.
  4. For the seller, she saves the PayPal fee. For you, you save the shipping and have the chance to view the bag before paying her. Like other suggested, bring someone with you and meet her at a public place. Make sure you know how to authenticate the bag before handing her the cash.
  5. The most likely reason she is asking for cash is because doing an in-person transaction leaves the seller without a USPS or UPS delivery confirmation. If you pay by credit card and/or paypal she is exposed to a chargeback with no proof of delivery. Doing it the old fashioned way (ie shipping) really is the best thing for both parties because the process is documented.
  6. If u do decide to go meet up, bring 1 or 2 people with you ok
  7. I may be too trusting but I would say that the seller is saying meet in person because Cash is obviously better to her as it is instant, also it saves everybody on Postage Cost and the hassle of posting.

    I don't think that there is anything untoward going on with this like the seller thinking that if you paid cash that you couldn't then dispute it later. But as I said, maybe I'm too trusting!
  8. I did this and it worked out fine. Its up to you.
  9. There is nothing wrong with doing a transaction this way.
    I would just be sure that you want the bag because I think that if you tried to get your money back after the fact, you'd have a hard time doing it.

    Good luck!
  10. Make sure to meet in a busy area of the city so in case anything happens, you have witnesses and they won't try to mug you or something.
  11. I dont recommend it at all. Unless you can meet where the bag can be authenticated. If you do meet, make sure you get a complete and signed receipt from the seller saying that you paid, otherwise she can turn around and say you never paid, even though you have the bag.

    Be careful.
  12. I've had buyers ask to meet in person and pay me cash and I've done this and all has been fine.

    As a buyer, I don't think I'd be too comfortable handing over cash. I would pay through paypal.
  13. I've done it and made a purse friend.
  14. good point :tup:
  15. If I were the buyer I would meet her at Starbucks with cash. I would type up 2 receipts that state how much money you are giving her and for what and you both sign both receipts (each of you gets an original). As long as you know how to authenticate the bag, no problem. You save shipping charges and she saves paypal fees.