Seller wants to charge Required insurance fee not state in auction!

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  1. Can a seller add a required insurance fee to the invoice price after an auction has closed? I bought an inclusion bracelet. No dustbag included, so I'm guessing no box either. The shipping was high, $12, for such a small item, but I figured oh well, I'll bid. So, I win the thing, then now I get an invoice with the added "required" $4.00 insurance on it. Do I have to pay it? She's saying that she ships prioirty and wants to add the insurance to make sure it gets there safely, yadayada. I know that it will cost her no more than $8 including insurance to put it in the small priority package. It's just excessive. Does ebay ever do anything about excessive charges? Gosh, if I had known she wanted $16 to ship it, I would not have given her the high bid that I did! :rant:
  2. Sellers cannot add fees that are not stated in the listing. Did she have it in small print anywhere? They also cannot charge more than the USPS rate for insurance.
  3. she can ship the bracelet in a small flat rate priority box for under 5...the 12 she was charging would more than cover the shipping and insurance
  4. just looked up the insurance cost for the bracelet i think you is 2.75 for 167 worth of her total shipping cost with insurance would be the origional 12 shipping cost is high....her asking for 16 with insurance is nuts...i'd report her to ebay and wouldn't pay it
  5. Yep, that's right. I looked up on USPS myself and got the same figures. She now says she will ship for the original $12 and include insurance. I've never reported a seller to ebay before. If I go ahead with the purchase, can I still report her?
    Her last email said "If you sell on Ebay then you know paypal takes percentage on the total, so you will lose some money on shipping. I will include insurance in shipping if that makes you happy" Well, I can't say I'm happy with someone trying to pull a fast one on me.

  6. the fees arent your problem, they are hers. can you link to the auction? i think the 12 is overcharging. you should only be paying maybe 8 the most to include the packing materials in the free priority box.
  7. is $4 really worth this trouble? sorry...I understand that it is unfair and bad form for a seller, but it still is only $4 in the end.
  8. I would double check to make sure that the fee is not stated in the auction. If it is not, I would send her a message saying that you would like an explanation for the additional insurance cost of $4 and if it is really mandatory. Explain that you've checked USPS and that priority mail costs should be approximately ____ and that insurance for the value of the item would be ____. Explain that you would think that the $12 would be adequate to cover those charges and a reasonable handling fee. Then say that - even if insurance is not included in the $12 - you don't understand why the additional insurance charge on the invoice is $4, if USPS says that it would only cost ___. At this point I you do not want to pay the excessive $4 fee.

    Good luck.
  9. Opps... missed this when I just posted. I think the $12 might be a little high, but really only by like $1 or $2. (If shipping is about $8, I don't think that it is unreasonable to have $2-$4 for handling to cover cost of materials and expenses to mail.) Is that really worth it? Is $1 or $2 really excessive enough to report to ebay?

    And as long as $12 was included in the original listing, I think you agreed to pay it when you bid.
  10. i wouldn't report them to ebay. i normally don't leave feedback though if i got overcharged. i dont want to give them a positive but don't feel it deserves a neg. I look at shipping before bidding though and if it said 12 for a small item for priority i wouldn't bid.
  11. Right, it's only $4 in the end. But the whole issue was that she put it in there at the end, after I bought it, not in the auction listing at all. And I probably would never have bid if it said $16 shipping, including insurance because I sell on ebay myself and know what it costs. Some people even use an envelope to ship (I do not) and they make a lot on their shipping fees.
    In the end, she sent me a new invoice with the original fee of $12 and I paid. I won't give her a neg or report it, it's truly not worth the trouble. But I won't give her a positive either.

  12. Glad she backed down on the 16 shipping.....but I would leave honest feedback after you get the bracelet...she may be doing this to other's who are not as informed as yourself and they may be paying the additional can leave positive or netural.. mention the high shipping cost....and give her 1 star on the shipping and handling charges....she should not be trying to cover her ebay & paypal fees by increasing shipping charges
  13. I would write the seller after you receive your item and are satisified with it

    that you are disappointed that she didn't include the insurance info in her listing.

    And yes it is only $4, but it is still $4. And I would not give her a high rating for her

    shipping and her communication (as she didin't tell you until after the fact)
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    Last edited: Jul 11, 2009

    that is how it starts and they want people to have that kind of mentality!
    then the next person it is a little more! to the point that it is not "only a few dollars" anymore!
    i was trying to get a bag for a friend and i declined the insurance that she tried to tell me i had to buy and i told her no i did not! inusurance was something that SHE needed to buy - it was not required of me. she would not sell me the bag after i quoted her what ebay told me. i guess it worked on her other customers but she was sadly mistaken if she thought it would work on me!
  15. Yes, I suppose I will do that, give an honest feedback. She even said she was trying to cover her ebay and paypal fees with the shipping charge! When I sell, I sometimes lose some on shipping in order to sell the item. I don't think this lady sells often. The more I am on ebay, the more I get frustrated with things now. I started buying on ebay in 1997 and selling a few things in 2004. I liked ebay a lot better then. You didn't have to use PayPal. (I don't even remember when PayPal began) Buyers sent either a personal check or a money order. When the money cleared, the item was sent to the buyer. It worked quite well. No PayPal and almost no fakes. Lots of changes, and I wouldn't say that most of them make it any better.