Seller wants me to ship to different address??


    Can you guys give me some advice. I sold a pair of jeans and the buyer paid right away (via an e check though paypal) Her address is confirmed, but she wants me to ship to her Boyfriends address in the same state. You do guys recommend this? The paypal message said only ship to the confirmed address to ensure sellers protection. How should I handle this???

  2. You could tell her you can't do it because of Paypal rules. If they were relatively cheap I'd probably do it. If they were more expensive then I wouldn't risk it. Just tell her you have to follow rules.
  3. I've had items shipped to different addresses with no problems. If she has lots of good FB it will probably be fine.
  4. Thanks for the replies!

    Her feedback is 0. But the jeans were so cheap I don't mind. Plus you gotta start somewhere my feedback was 0 a couple of months ago.

    I don't really don't mind doing it, I just didn't want it to pose any problems.
  5. I'd be a little concerned if her FB is zero. To cover yourself, I'd advise sending the item with signature confirmation. That way there's no question about the item arriving.

    I've asked sellers to send to my office instead of my home address often, because no one is home to accept deliveries during the day. I find that sellers usually accommodate my request (although I have high FB).

  6. I just had a buyer with 0 feedback ask to buy a handbag I had listed one day earlier...I declined. She then said that her BF would pay as he had #9. He paid but insisted I ship to her address and giftwrap it as well. I refused to ship to an unconfirmed address and it's good that I remained firm. It turned out to be a scam. Whew...good thing I trusted my womanly intuitiion!
  7. is it a scam may I ask?I don't understand the problem of shipping to unconfirmed address.Why is that dangerous?
  8. yeah I am curious too for future reference!
  9. i sometime ask seller to ship the items to dif. address. i ask the seller by stating it w PAYPAL when i pay in the "note" area include the address i want they ship to.
  10. I think the problem with shipping to a dif address is that a lot of people in the past have stolen people's paypal accts, use them to pay for something ask for it to be shipped to another address and then 2 days later paypal finds out that the real owner of the paypal acct never made the purchase and then u're screwed. Paypal will not cover your loses if that happens.
    And i think some people try to get a free ride using that method, claiming they never received it or watever. Its dumb...if its expensive i never ship it to an unconfirmed address period.