Seller wanting to charge more than what originally listed?


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I've got a similar problem to the one described in another thread here on the Ebay forum, but thought i'd start a new one :shrugs: So i hope all you Ebay experts out there can help me out.

I recently hit the Buy It Now button for a pair of shoes. The seller listed under the shipping and handling tab that international shipping would cost US$36 (seller is the US I'm in Oz). The seller has now sent me an invoice with US$50 worth of shipping charges. I've read several posts from people saying that the seller is not allowed to charge more than what is listed on their auction, but i was wondering where exactly on Ebay's policy is that stated. I've searched through the "Help" section of Ebay and have not found anything?

Is the seller allowed to do that? I know there is a policy on excessive shipping costs, but given that we're dealing with a pair of shoes and that the difference between what they originally stated ($36) and what they're trying to charge me ($50) is only $14, does this still qualify for the excessive shipping costs? I know it is only $14 but it's the principle that counts here. Can i say the seller has misrepresented their item by not sticking to their original shipping fees?



Mar 22, 2006
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no, they're not allowed to change the shipping fee after the listing ends, they should take the loss, we've all done it in the past, under-estimated on shipping and lost out.
Apr 15, 2007
It is the seller's responsibility for shipping fees. If there is a difference , they

absorb that. It has happened to many of us in the past, chalk it up to doing



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Jan 23, 2009
You should tell the seller that she/he should absorb the shipping fee as you only responsible for what she listed at her auction describtion. If she gets upset because of it, you should report it to ebay.