Seller told me that she's not able to re-list her item.. really?

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  1. Ok, after the bid closed without any result, me and the seller found an agreement on the price. The deal was for her to re-list the item and for me to buy. She came to me later with the story that she was not allowed by ebay to re-list the item or to list all over again the item under a different name/title.. is this b***s**t or it could happened for real? Help me figure out, please...
  2. I've relisted plenty of items not sure what she is talking about.
  3. I suppose it is possible. I have a coach item that did not sell and when I went to re-list it, I was told I was not allowed to unless I linked my bank account to my paypal... I've been a member of ebay for over 11 yrs, 100% FB, so I don't know what the problem is...I refuse to link my bank acct though!
  4. That is possible. The seller probably had a restriction and she needs to wait 30 days before she can relist any items in that category. Maybe she can relist under a different category, but I am not sure if that would fly with ebay.

    I know before I had a restriction on listing bags before and when I listed some other items such as stationary it allowed me.
  5. Very possible for designer items
  6. I know small sellers are not allowed to list more than 2 brand name items (like Chanel / Hermes) per month. So if your item is an expensive brand and your seller is not a regular seller, then she is probably telling the truth. Ebay has restrictions for new/small seller to prevent fraud.
  7. Yes it's possible, she most likely will have to wait 30 days to relist it, unless she calls ebay and spends oh about 2 hours on the phone explaining to them that the item did not sell and if they could lift the restriction.

    Ebay may or may not agree to it. This has happened to me so I know for a fact I had to wait the full 30 days!
  8. I had it happen too when I was in the same position you're in now! A seller wanted to relist but couldn't. I was suspicious at first too but apparently it is possible!
  9. Hmmm, so it is possible! The seller (a personal seller, small time) suggested if I want, for us to deal outside ebay but still pay via paypal and I could send Fad Ex to reverse pick up the item.. what do you say? Risky? Will I be able to get money back if something happened, like there's no item to begin with?
  10. If you do this you won't have any protection at all. Unless you already know and trust the seller, I would not do this.
  11. Like others have said ebay limits sellers when it comes to designer items. I had it happen to me a bunch when i didnt sell and went to relist. Ebay finally lifted the restriction a few months ago. Maybe have them put it on bonanza. It wont completely protect u like ebay but it will to an extent. Even ebay protection can be problematic at times. Good luck!
  12. I wouldn't do an off ebay transaction. You wont be protected if they send you a SNAD or fake etc. I would just ask them to call ebay or perhaps try to list it in a similar category. Or perhaps try and wait 30 days. But you have to protect yourself. There is a good chance the seller is legit, but is it worth that small chance they aren't?
  13. hi OP , very possible, i always got "restricted" and have to wait for 30 days to relist my chanel stuff, i actually a found a way to relist my stuffs w/o any restriction, you just have to play with words, if anyone interested to know please PM me
  14. ^ OMG!! It works! Thanks Pauline!
  15. Yup. It's quite possible eBay is not allowing her to relist.
    I can't remember kuz it's been a long time since I had this problem when selling MJ bags, but I think you can get around the restriction by putting the brand name in the subtitle vs. the listing title.