Seller thinks this bag is real- but I am 10000% sure its fake.

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  1. As I was browsing EBAY's gucci listings, I came across this abbey tote- which I already have and still decided to take a look at it.

    This bag at first looked real, but then the plastic "controllato" card totally gave its fake ness away.

    I contacted the seller and told them that its fake bc I have a REAL one. They asked me to send pics and I refused to b/c of security reasons, and they STILL say that I am wrong and that the bag is real.

    I reported the item to EBAY already.

    Can anyone else message this seller to show that I am NOT wrong?

    Item #: eBay: GUCCI Authentic 2007. ABBEY handbag*LOW STARTING PRICE (item 300059701383 end time Dec-16-06 19:00:00 PST)
  2. Please post in AUTH THIS area only!Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.