Seller Thinks Gucci bag I sold him is fake!

  1. About a week and a half ago,I sold a Gucci Sukey bag.I bought it from haven't ever sold much on eBay or something that expensive,and I was nervous,but I haven't ever used the bag so I decided to chance it.Today I get an email from the buyer saying that he thinks it's a fake.I don't have a clue what to do now.I state "no refunds"on my auctions,but I'm afraid the guy will switch the bag with a replica and stick me with it.The bag is totally authentic,but the guy is saying he needs proof.What should I do?This is making me a nervous wreck.Thanks for any advice!
  2. do you still have your receipt from the store that you can send him a copy. gucci stores are very good at keeping records. your sa probably will remember you.
  3. do you still have your receipt? you can send the buyer a copy. also you can ask your buyer to take the handbag to a gucci store for authentication..o
  4. I didn't keep the invoice from,so I wonder if I call them if I could get another copy?I also told him that he could take the bag to a Gucci store or come here and post pics.
  5. Ask him, what makes him think that the bag is fake? Advise him to get a 3rd party expert's opinion before he jumps to conclusion. Reassure him that the bag is 100% authentic!
    Hope that works....Good luck!!!
  6. if you said you bought it from, you will have gotten an email from gucci when you placed your order. check your email's trash bin if you don't find it in your inbox. or write to and ask for a copy.
    next time, when you sell on eBay, attach a "security tag" which will identify the bag you sold. and state that tag is to guarantee the authenticity of your item. if tag is removed, authenticity has been compromised and that item will not be returnable. i use tyvek bracelets (ones they use at clubs or amusement parks) and I write that buyers must check item for authenticity and other issues. buyer must be satisfied before removing tag otherwise it cannot be returned. that way i know that if item is returned, it is still the same item i sent them and not switched for a fake. i also know that the item was not used before returned.
  7. In his email,he said he had been looking at fakes on the internet and they look like the bag I sold him.
  8. OK, let him know that that is such a broad statement! Ask him to give you specifics and illustrate it with photos....Let him also know that you have photos of your bag (hope you have good detailed ones) to compare.
  9. this sounds very strange, how can he tell the difference?

    tell him to pay a few $ and use this gucci experts then he will know it´s real
  10. wow...that is such a great idea! I always wondered what I could use for a security tag even though I don't take returns...
  11. I have had scammers accuse me before but I always keep my receipts so once I tell them I have the receipt I never hear from them again...
  12. I didn't mean to reply to my own
  13. Thank you all so much for your advice.Selling can be scary for newbies like me!
  14. Selling (on eBay especially) can be scary for anyone! I sold mainly used LV for the past 3 years or so, and still I scared to death with false accusation, bait and switch scheme, non paid, etc.etc.etc.

  15. Did you pay with a credit card when you purchased your bag?? You can
    request a copy of the receipt from your cc.

    Above suggestion is right on.. don't think any designer/expensive bag
    should be shipped without a security tag and a photograph of the item
    as well. Many unsavory things going on with designer bags