seller tells me i am barking at the wrong tree!!

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  1. so long story short, i bought a bag off ebay about a month ago (march 1st actually) and because i am in dental school, i am forced to wear scrubs everyday so i dont ever get to dress normal attire let alone wear designer bags. I was going to the post office yesterday to mail something out yesterday so i said what the heck, i'll take the bag with me for the short walk since i'll probably never get another chance to wear it again... while walking back i find some pieces of gummy material almost like some cheap glue on the bag and started thinking why it was there at all. i took a longer look and saw more alarming things and realized i was carrying a fake :yucky: i know i was a complete fool for not looking carefully when i first got the bag, but let's just say it was a pretty good fake that passed the test during a dark and late night car ride.

    so the next thing that i did was email the seller and i get a response saying i am barking at the wrong tree, that she has no reason to go thru the troubles of switching a fake bag bc her husband makes millions, and that i have buyers remorse and decides to make a false claim that her bag was fake and want to send it back after using it.

    i am so angry because i paid over a grand to buy a fake and then get bashed for not being familiar with designer bags and trying to get a refund after using her "mint" bag. she claims she has all pictures of the angles of the bag and that if i escalate a claim, paypal will side with her. she was also telling me to stop accusing her of selling a fake and that i am trying to pull a switcharoo with her?!!!!

    so my question is, how can paypal, cc company, mypoupette, or anyone prove that the pictures she claims to have are of the bag that she sent me? couldnt she have any random pictures and just say that they are of the one she sent me?

    now if i take pictures of her bag and have it authenticated at mypoupette as per her request, and find it to be a fake, can't she say that i switched her bag? (what she is accusing me of trying right now)

    if i just send the bag back and escalate to a claim, what if she says i am pulled a switch?

    this is all a big mess, plus the fact that i had already left + feedback and is now contacting her about her fake (1 month later) is not going to help my case at all is it?

    i appreciate all your advice from those unfortunate ones who have been thru the same.
  2. Wow. I dont know what to say or have any advice but good luck!! I'd be pissed!!

    Someone will come along with good information....
  3. her latest response:

    Do what you want to do. All it take is for me to call Chanel store in L.A and they will have my husband record on it with the description of the purchase and serial number. How can you disprove that it is not the purse you have in hand? That's proof enough. Yes I have more pictures than I listed on Ebay to protect buyers like you. You can find all excuses all you want. First, it's authenticity, now you find something wrong with it. You played with my purse for a month and decided you need the money. How pathetic is that. I won't discuss this anymore.
  4. can she just choose not to discuss the matter anymore??
  5. Geez, she sure is defensive! Does Carol Diva authenticate Chanel? I am not sure, but several members have had great authentication experience with her. You will need a letter stating that it is a fake, but I believe you only have a certain amount of days to file a dispute/claim...45, I think.
  6. She can say what she wants, but I don't think that ebay will let it be her final answer...what a nut! I would file a claim now. Did you pay with a CC?
  7. I you do file a dispute with her, regarding authenticity issues, I would first go to a store that carries the bag and ask if it was a fake. Then take alot of pics and file the dispute if they ask why you took so long just say. You are in dental school and never had the time to get it authenticated till now. Good luck
  8. which ever way paypal/ ebay decides to go she will still have her account frozen (I think until the situation gets settled). So at least that will knock her off her high horse.:yes: Maybe then she'll be willing to discuss the matter, rationally
  9. Don't send the bag back until paypal tells you to. I would get it authenticated and then escalate the claim. You have to prove to paypal that it is fake or you will lose.

    I hope this works out for you, if all else fails you can file a chargeback on your cc
  10. Def. try to take it into a Chanel store or see if Caroldiva does do chanel as one of her brand authentications. Good luck w/ this! :heart:
  11. Don't let her intimidate you. print out the auction w/photos etc and then take your photos of the bag. If you paid with credit card, then immediately start chargeback process. Or file dispute with paypal.

    Good luck!
  12. I just had a very similar situation like yours. I won the dispute and got all my money back, including shipping.

    My advice to you is, file a PP dispute against this seller immediately. Buyer has 45 days to file the dispute. Contact both mypoupette and CarolDiva to see who could authenticate the bag for you. You should take some photos yourself, especially showing the parts which proof it is a fake. Send them those photos plus the ebay link while you contact them. I know it is not necessary they authenticate every brand and every model so you need to give yourself enough time to get the written letter from them. CarolDiva would get back to you within a day, but I don't know about mypoupette.

    Then you need to escalate the dispute and let PP handle it. PP will ask you fax the authentication letter from an independant agent within 10 days, so you need to make sure you could get this letter within this period. You need to make sure the fax went through. PP will email you to acknowledge they received the fax. In my case, since the seller is not cooperating, PP asked me to mail the bag to their Return Center with signature required. My total cost of getting the authentication letter and shipping to PP was $100. But after PP received my return, the refund was issued immediately. My purchase was protected by eBay up to $2,000, so I received my $800 plus shipping in full back. If your purchase was protected up to $200, your best choice is to contact your cc for a chargeback.

    Wish you best luck! Please keep us posted.
  13. Escalate your paypal dispute to a claim now. I don't know how paypal works but from what I read in this forum, fraudulent buyers switch their purchases and get away with it. Your case is genuine so I guess you should be fine.
  14. She's just trying to intimidate you. File a PP claim immediately, and have the bag authenticated. I believe Carol Diva only authenticates LV and some other vintage items, but definitely try her. Otherwise MyPoupette should be able to authenticate it for you.
  15. Wow... sorry that this happens to you... why didn't all honest sellers meet all honest buyers? I have to say that I don't buy bags on eBay, sorry to other seller, but I'd rather go to the store to have a peace of mind. However, I do sell, çause I know my item, but I still have bad luck :sad: It's conflicting, isn't it?

    Seriously, eBay is not safe, I don't know who to trust. As a buyer, I can say that seller didn't send the authentic one. As a seller, i can say that the buyer switches bag. In between, PayPal decides whatever they want. If you are lucky enough, they side with you. If either party is scam, no one can ever detect them. We just pray that along the line, they will get what they deserve.

    However, go back to your case, I am pretty much think you will get your money back because you have the bag, and probably the credit card company to fight for you. PayPal sure will go after whoever they think easier to chase down. You will be fine. Fighting!
    Reading your case, I have a bad feeling for my case.