Seller suggests off ebay

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  1. I have offered a seller a lower price oN a lot if some things are left out that I do not want. She has accepted and given me an email address to send money via paypal, off eBay.

    Is this safe for me?
  2. I wouldn't, you have no protection.
  3. Agree.. stick to your ebay transaction...
  4. Did the seller send you an invoice or is she requesting money?
    If she sends you an invoice you are ok if not, forget about it.
  5. The seller should be sending you an invoice.

    Paypal does offer "Paypal Purchase Protection." You have 45 days from when you purchased the item.

    Read more here:
  6. If the seller does send you an invoice, make sure it is for "goods" not services
  7. I think it's okay via paypal, cause paypal offer buyer protection. But it's gonna be headache if you want to return item.
  8. If it through a PP invoice you have buyer protection (make sure it is a detailed invoice) and you can file a claim if necessary, in case a problem arises.
  9. Oh geez... not again.:rolleyes: I am amazed at the amount of people that seem to be okay with using ebay's services and then not paying for them. Is that not stealing?!

    OP I would wonder what else is shady about this seller.
  10. Yep! That's my pet peeve ;)