Seller solicits you to resubmit your offer...and then doesn't accept??

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  1. Here's a new one on me -

    I made an offer on an item several days ago that had no previous offers (I am not a low baller - I hate when buyers do that!) which the seller never responded to but instead let expire. Shortly after it expired the seller contacted me via eBay and stated that if I wanted to resubmit my offer in the same amount she would be happy to accept it. Yay! Or so I thought....

    I resubmitted my offer and waited excitedly...and waited and waited. Not wanting to be a nudge I waited more than 24 hours and then realized something must be up. I checked out the listing and lo and behold.....16 hours after I resubmitted my offer (again, at the seller's behest) someone else made an offer. Still no word from the seller. Finally, I contact the seller with a friendly Hi! I resubmitted my offer as you asked. As soon as you accept I will make immediate payment....blahblahblah. Nothing.

    Finally this evening the seller contacts me and says in between her message and my resubmitting as asked she had another offer. Not true. The other offer came in 16 hours later than my resubmitted offer! She further states that she hadn't accepted yet because she was giving me the option of matching the new offer. Huh? How would I know what the offer is unless she contacted me to tell me?? We went back and forth in emails and her story kept changing and she danced away from the point that she had solicited ME to resubmit and said she would accept. She finally laid a trip on me by stating that as a fellow seller she thought I should understand. Obviously she was hoping that the clock would run down again on my 2nd offer so she would be free of me. That or hope if she strung the offerers along someone would hit her BIN in the interim.

    Frankly, were it I that told someone I would accept their offer I would do just that - accept their offer. If another one came in after having said so I would grit my teeth and chalk it up to experience....but honor my offer to accept to the buyer.

    I realize I have no recourse here but I am FUMING that she played it this way instead of being upfront and honest that she wanted to renege on her word for the additional $30. I would still have been pissed and never gone near another of her auctions but at least appreciated her contacting me rather than hoping the offer would expire and I wouldn't contact her before then.

    Am I making a big deal out of this??? Sorry for being so long winded....I'm still fuming! :cursing:
  2. I personally would be pissed off too. You had given up on the item but it was the seller who contacted you and told you to resubmit the same offer, which you did. I think she should have honored her verbal commitment to you in the name of being a decent seller. She received another offer and I guess she felt a verbal agreement wasn't binding and accepted the higher offer, but I personally couldn't have done that, I think she should have done the honest and decent thing and continued with selling the item to you at the price agreed. I'm sorry you had to experience this, I wouldn't be happy, and I hope the other buyer turns out to be a PITA. It would serve her right. What goes round, comes round, so hopefully you will find a better deal and her sale will go pear shaped.
  3. Thanks, Min. :heart: Especially for the thought that the person she finally sells it to may be a PITA! LOL! I hadn't even thought of that. Would serve her right, darn it! I get the feeling I may end up feeling sorry for the potential buyer though because she still hasn't accepted their offer either. Wonder if she is going to string them along as well while she hopes for an even better offer or that someone will click on her BIN.

    I'm sitting here wallowing in irritation and I need to get over myself! :girlsigh:
  4. Did you say $30?? Wow, that's not enough of a bid difference for me to go back on my word. Granted even if it was, you're right. She could've been honorable and explained the situation to you instead of stringing you along. At the end of the day, it's not the money, it's how you were treated ... unnecessarily IMO.
  5. ^ ITA! I'm very sorry this happened to you! Sounds like the seller was just trying to get a higher offer out of you.

    This is kind of off-topic, but I also hate when people ask you to add a BIN price because they "have to have it soon and promise I will BIN and pay immediately", then they don't use it or say "thanks for adding it but I've decided not to buy it." A lot of people's word means nothing anymore, which is really sad.
  6. If your offer is still on the table (so to speak) I think you should withdraw it, to let her know you are pretty disgusted with her behavior.
  7. Regina - Yep. $30!! Can you believe that? I agree with My Purse Addiction - it seems like many folks word means zilch any longer. It irks me because I know I would not do that to a buyer. A shame too for her because she'll certainly not build a client base with that behavior. I detest when people bullsh* though you're stupid and aren't going to see through them.

    rubylola - Funnily enough, by the time she bothered to say anything (and prompted by my message to her) my offer was expiring within hours. It did finally expire...and would you believe she did NOT turn around and accept the other bidders offer?? She let that sit until today and finally accepted it.

    Thanks ladies for the commiseration. Much appreciated. :heart:
  8. I totally know what you mean! That or when someone asks if I can send them pics of the bag being worn in order to get a better idea of the size (which I loathe doing because I truly dislike all pictures of myself - even if I keep my head out of the shot)...and you send them and they Never.Say.Another.Word. Hello? A 'thank you' would suffice. Or when they issue all caps.... with no greeting or closing, just "WHERE DID YOU BUY THE BAG???" What happened to manners??? LOL!

    I'm so crabby right now...eBay is just getting to me.....I think I need chocolate....:hysteric: