seller sold a fake and hasn't even sent a bag!

  1. i'm an idiot and won an auction on a fake (found out after auction ended). i asked her several questions before auction end, after auction end, and then finally, tenatively sent her payment. i still haven't heard from her and what's worse, she hasn't even sent the bag! i opened a dispute through paypal (i paid via checking account). is there anything else i can do? will i get my $ back guaranteed?
  2. Firstly, it's good that you paid VIA Paypal as you have more protection and more chance of getting all of your money back.

    When did you win the bag? Are you 100% sure it's fake?

    If so, have you escalated the dispute so that action is taken straight away?

    If you don’t receive your bag, you will definitely get a refund. If you do get the bag and find it to be fake it may take longer to get a refund - but it should all work out in the end.

    I'm pretty sure other TPF'ers have gone through similar things, so hopefully they can chime in and give you some encouraging words soon.
  3. You should probably post this on the eBay forum. There are folks on there who deal with this on a regular basis, and will have more specific advice for you. Good luck! :yes: