Seller: should I issue a refund to buyer?

  1. I sold a Chloe edith several days ago. It was shown on UPS website, the buyer picked up the bag on Jan. 5 2007. But five days after, the buyer sent me an email said there is a flaw on the side of the bag, loose stitching. She asked for a refund.

    "I noticed both sides looked a little bumpy (as opposed to flat like the rest of the stitching) so I ran my finger over the tops of them, and the stitching, on the side shown in the picture, was loose. " here was her reason and her pics:

    I was really upset, because this was the first time I sold something on eBay. I stated in the description that it was final sale. And I checked the pictures of the bag when I shipped, no loose stitching.

    Now, I am woudering if I should issue a refund to her. I am not a store, I just wanna sell one of my bag to get money.
    ChloeEdithLoaf-stitch2.jpg ChloeEdithLoaf-stitch.jpg
  2. Did you list the bag as being new or used? If used then I don't think you should refund the bag, because used bags are used and you stated no refunds.

    I just sold my first bag too. Stressful, huh? :sweatdrop:
  3. I stated that it was brand new.
    I just sent her an email, I accetped her return minus shipping fee, eBay and paypal fees. That will let me feel better.
  4. for future reference, if you accept paypal you can't have an "all sales final" or no return policy, because the buyer always has an option to file a paypal claim for it being significantly not as described (SNAD).
  5. Those stitches didnt come out by themself. Maybe the buyer had buyers remorse and did it just to return the bag?
  6. Oh geez! People WANT a bargain and they WANT the bag in PERFECT - ABSOLUTELY NO FLAW - condition and they WANT the same refund privileges as a store??? Go buy it at a store!!! It's so annoying! There has to be a certain level of expectation. A single stitch coming loose is NOT a good reason for refund IMO. If the bag was used, and described as new, then OK. If the bag was dirty, and that wasn't mentioned, then OK. If the bag was fake, but the seller claimed it's authentic, then hell yeah they should get a refund! If the bag had several loose threads, then OK. But ONE lousy stitch???! C'mon! Even the most astute sellers could not check every stitch and detail to make sure everything is in the right place.

    I think too many buyers used Paypal to blackmail sellers into accepting returns for buyers remorse.
  7. I agree 100% with leanbeanee (cute handle)
  8. I disagree. Loose stitching is a flaw and needs to be disclosed. New implies pristine and if the bag is not, then it needs to be stated. Otherwise, it exacerbates the mistrust that already exists on eBay. However, if the seller has photos of that section of the bag and that section does not show any loose stitch, then that is a different matter entirely and grounds for doubting the buyer.
  9. I couldn't agree more.
  10. I personally can't see the lose thread, but it could be inside the seam which would be easy to overlook unless you pull apart every inch of stitching. I bought a bag with loose stitches. I didn't ask for a refund though since I love the bag and the repair was minimal enough, as any lose thread should be, to have it done myself and I was more than willing to pay for it (but it was under warranty so I was pleasantly surprised that it'll be fixed for free so if this bag is brand new as you stated, it should be covered). My seller was very sweet and didn't notice it when she sent it and even though she offered a refund, I declined. The only reason why I told her about it was because I wanted to know which boutique it was from so I could send it there. Either way, if it was a great deal and if the buyer really wants the bag, why would she not atleast TRY to resolve it without immediately asking for a refund. There are usually other options to suggest, but if those don't work out then I'd just refund. It's either that or calling it buyer's remorse, aka liar (as evident as it may be), so I'd just not cause waves if she's insisting it was misrepresented unless there's some proof of wrongdoing on her part. I think you can call it either way since I think it's ridiculous to not just fix it herself but we all have differing opinions on what's expected.
  11. I am so sorry this was your first experience. I know how you feel - the first time I sold things on ebay, I had an early bad experience with an aggressive and non-paying bidder and it put me off completely. I tend to be a wimp when it comes to this - I'd rather buyers were happy because ultimately it is less worry for me. Unless they are outrageous in their demands, I will usually refund. Interestingly, since rejoining ebay recently, things have been okay, but I confess I do hold my breath the day the parcel is due to arrive and for a few days afterwards in case of unexpected fall out.

    If it were me I would refund, not because I think she deserves it but because I know I would hate the hassle of unpleasant emails, claims and counterclaims when the question is so subjective. Pathetic aren't I?:shame:
  12. sisleya : I agree that people shouldn't expect eBay to work like a department store. I don't think I've ever returned anything I bought there, b/c I view it as a final purchase and make very sure I have enough information about the item and that I truly want it before I bid. I have personally bought more than 300 items over eBay, including a car! :yes: So, don't let this experience discourage you about eBay. If we all work to keep it safe and honest, it's still the best place I know to find items that are hard to get, vintage, etc. I believe most buyers and sellers are genuine and want the transaction to work as much as you do. I see a lot of sellers requesting that bidders have a minimum amount of feedback or other conditions which might be a good idea...or request that they email you first (if new) to confirm their intentions. Other than that, you handled it very nicely (although, if she really wanted the bag, she would have just gotten the 2 stitches fixed:hrmm: ). You possibly avoided negative feedback on your first time out, which would look a lot worse for your seller profile...did you give each other feedback? If so, what was it? It also occurred to me that it might have happened in shipping and neither of you are to blame. Good luck if you relist!;)

  13. ITA. :yes:

    Very well put. :biggrin:
  14. Thank you for your advice. I already issued her a refund. But we did not give each other feedback yet.
    Actally I think I may not sell anything on ebay any more. I do not care the feedback.
  15. Because people can be so difficult on Ebay I always make sure to list every little detail no matter if it is barely noticeable or not. Then also state that it is final sale, no questions asked. Selling on ebay can be good, you just have to be VERY VERY VERY specific because there are so many people out there trying to rip people off or having buyers remorse. Good luck in the future!