Seller shipped my 'structured' Celine Phantom folded :(

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  1. Hello!

    I purchased a Celine Phantom handbag on eBay last week and it got to me late yesterday afternoon. When I opened it, I found it had been packed by a UPS employee, and that both the seller/UPS did not put anything inside the handbag to help maintain its structure over a week-long transit (3/31-4/7). Obviously, bad things happened. The bag is creased noticeably, and it now flops over. The piping on the Celine bag was folded in so strongly, that you can feel a sort of "bend" in the piping, which no amount of stuffing/propping now will help repair. Photos are attached at the bottom of this thread post (please ignore the mess! I'm in the midst of readying stuff to sell on eBay).

    I contacted the seller describing the condition less than an hour after I brought the package home from the UPS distribution center and received the following message this morning:

    I have not replied to her message yet. Instead, I reached out to UPS and the store that packaged/shipped it with the same photos I've attached to this thread. I am to hear back from them in a few hours after they speak to the employee that handled the packaging of the handbag.

    This was my first time purchasing second-hand for designer handbags, so rather than go through this process blindly, I wanted to reach out to the lovely experts of the Purse Forum for help. :smile: I'm really unsure of the best manner in which to proceed that yields the most satisfactory results for me. I decided to pay the price for this handbag because it was exactly the style I wanted, described in the condition that I was dreaming of. Now, I'm just disappointed and frustrated that the seller did not take the time to stuff and package a designer handbag to assist it in its mailing journey. :sad:

    The original eBay listing is here. I had three other things that bugged me:
    1. The handbag smells strongly of peppermint oil. Like...... wow. So strong. I could smell it before I opened the box and I still smell it today just by approaching the handbag. I don't know if this is a common tactic to mask unpleasant odors in second-hand handbags?
    2. The seller promised Expedited Shipping (USPS Priority Mail) in her listing, but shipped it UPS Ground.
    3. Seller assured me that the bag was "perfect" even though it had been used a couple of times, confident enough in the condition that she listed it as "New with tags." The handbag is in overall excellent condition with minor dents/scratches that I've seen so far, but with this dent it is definitely far from perfect.

    Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide me! I was so excited for this Phantom to get delivered to me yesterday, and now I am just fretting over it and this situation.

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  2. Sorry you're going through this. I have no advice, but I fee your pain. I recently had an almost identical scenario lately. I purchased from a seller who switched to ups though her listing stated usps priority, and it was packed (poorly) by someone at the ups store. They double boxed it, which was overkill IMO, but they folded the structured handles over to fit, and now they're all warped. I didn't bother with the seller, because they were a bit difficult to begin with, but it frustrates me to no end as a seller who carefully packs to pay good money for expensive leather bags that are carelessly squished into boxes or even envelopes. (yes, I've had those too)
  3. The listing from illbyeit:

    First off, I don't blame you for being disappointed and probably a bit angry.

    1. "New" means NEVER used. She lied
    2. Priority shipping should not be switched to UPS ground
    3. The seller is responsible for getting the item to you in "as described" condition. If UPS packaged it poorly, that's HER problem, not yours.
    4. You shouldn't have to be the one to stuff it for a few days or run around to a cobbler because of her negligence.

    You've approached her with your concerns and she diverted responsibility. So I'd file SNAD on the basis of what you've described.

    ALso point out in the dispute that although title and item specifics state "new with tags," her description states "only been used twice." That is NOT new! That in an of itself should win the dispute. (In fact, it wouldn't hurt to copy ebay's own definition of "new" into the complaint: New with tags: A brand-new, unused, and unworn item (including handmade items) in the original packaging (such as the original box or bag) and/or with the original tags attached.

    Along with the other issues, they should just add to your case.

    As for the seller, she should have overseen the packing of the bag to make sure that it wasn't packed in a way that would damage it. That's her problem to deal with with UPS.
  4. Also, I'm not one to arbitrarily recommend dinging a seller's feedback for what might be innocent and/or honest mistakes, but in this case, I think I'd be very inclined to neg her!
  5. OK...what is it? Right "out of the box" or used twice?
    BB, as usual, is right!
  6. Return. A bent leather bag is not going to bring you joy. The seller stated new. That alone is SNAD. Just because she did not pack it properly and oversee to make sure it was packed right is not your problem. How anyone could just think to throw a bag in a dust bag and then a box like this is crazy. I am so careful when I pack and send my bags. Never had a problem with any of m bags.
    Good luck. I doubt you are keeping the bag-maybe do not post much on here about your next step because once you posted the eBay auction you know someone has already contacted the seller to show them this thread. That seems to be the way things go when a person has a problem here. I wish you the best of luck.
  7. She definitely should not be calling it new if it has been used - even a couple of times. At least she did specify the use in her listing but specifying "new" when it is not skews the search.

    If you love the bag and got a great deal (I don't know Celine so I don't know if that is a great price or not), you could wait a few days to see if the creases and folds work themselves out. If they don't, it is not up to you to take it to a shoe maker and you should not because it might not fix anything but could alter the condition which could void your buyer protection.

    If you are still not happy after a few days or if you are not happy now, you have grounds for a SNAD any time.
  8. I would not be satisfied without returning it. File a SNAD with EBay. Spell out everything in plain simple terms. This is a lot of money to spend on a creased bag. Stress that you want to be made 100% whole. No partial. Make sure to ship it back insured, with scanned signature confirmation.
  9. That doesn't fit the definition of "New" according to eBay policy. You have every right to return it for a full refund.
  10. I don't even think stuffing it will pop it back to the way it was prior to shipment because the leather used on these Celine bags aren't meant to be pliable. Once you break the structure, it takes on a new shape and there's no reversing it.

    I wouldn't even bother trying to save this one. The seller is trying to give you advice on ways to improve it, but I wouldn't do any of it. It's not your problem it came this way and it's definitely not your problem to fix it either. Don't follow her "advices" and risk losing your seller protection. Just file the SNAD and be done with it.

    If you're looking for a Celine Phantom in this price range, try The site currently has one up for $2700ish but they run a lot of 15-20% promos-so you can get an actual NEW bag for the price you paid for this used and abused one.
  11. In 100% agreement with the others, file a SNAD. The cavalier way that she answered your message about the condition it arrived in makes me mad for you.

    Neiman Marcus did this to the Ralph Lauren Ricky bag I ordered from them. It bent the handles and cracked whatever they put inside to keep them structured and standing up, and the leather got scuffed from the handles being smashed into the box. It happens when people that aren't "bag people" pack and handle a precious bag.
  12. The seller should have offered a return "immediately" for this bag & since the
    opportunity was there for her to do so & she chose not to, just file a SNAD..
  13. I want to thank each and every one of you for your incredibly helpful and supportive messages! I took your advice and filed a return request under the category of Not As Described. The seller responded a bit ago with the following message:

    So.. now the seller says they never used the bag and she wants me to pay her shipping fees, too. I just need one photo to show that it was used (attached), not to mention her description even says she did.

    Also, am I correct in believing that she is responsible for my return shipping fees given the condition she shipped the bag to me in?

    Thank you again! I will continue with the updates.

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  14. You are correct in expecting her to cover shipping. (And FWIW, her claim to have paid $100 to ship a 5 lb pkg by UPS ground is BS!)

    What a crock. This further ticks me off (and I'm not even the buyer)!

    Don't mention feedback in your communication. Just hit her with it when the time is right.

    Since she doesn't seem willing to do what's right, escalate ASAP.

    Dear seller,

    In violation of ebay's rules, you sold an item as "new" when in fact you admitted in the description that it had been used. Right there, the item was legitimately "not as described."

    Then you shipped UPS ground when the listing described shipping to be priority mail.

    Thirdly, you entrusted UPS to package the bag and they damaged it in the process.

    It's not my responsibilty to wait to see if the creases relax, it's not my responsibility to take the bag to a cobbler and it's not my responsibility to pay for return shipping when an item is SNAD.

    I expect you to send me a prepaid shipping label that includes signature confirmation, after which I shall return and expect a full refund.

    Thank you.
  15. Advice above is great. I can't believe what has been done to this bag. I look forward to hearing you have this sorted and a refund