seller sent me wrong item, damaged, will not take it back

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am really upset, and I don't know what to do. I ordered a coat from a seller with 100% feedback. I arrived damaged. I emailed her about the damage and sent it back. Now she claims that this is not the correct coat in the listing.
    I looked at the listing again, and she sent me the wrong coat! It is slightly different than the one in the pictures (inside tags). I politely mentioned that there may be an item mix-up, since she sells a lot of coats. She again claims that she has never seen this coat in her life (a lie).
    She claims that I am trying to switch items on her, when she sent me a damaged coat.
    I paid through paypal. I sent the item back to her already with delivery confirmation. I did not think any of these issues would come up, and I am so angry at the seller and at eBay.
    I do not know what to do. The coat is totally unwearable, and I am out around 100 bucks. Should I file a claim?
    Has this happened to anyone else?

    I appreciate the help that anyone can give me. Thank you.
  2. Have you filed a claim? Item not as described. Just make sure you keep all your email/message contact as you might need it.
  3. I have not filed one yet -- I just received another email from the seller saying there is NO way the coat she listed is the same one I sent her. She's right because she sent me the wrong coat!
    She says she is sending the coat back to me, and she is very rude about it.
    I have no pictures, but I have the eBay emails.
    I will take screen caps of the auction now in case she tries to pull something.
    I have the delivery confirmation number for when I sent it back to her. I do not have the original box she sent to me.

    Do I have enough evidence to file?
  4. Go ahead and file. You shouldn't have sent her back the coat before filing, but now there's nothing you can do about that. See what eBay says. Good luck and keep us posted.
  5. She has again denied it -- she says she is sending the coat back to me! Do I wait until I have it to take pics and show paypal that it's the wrong one?

    thanks wardrobe*girls and lorihmatthews for your help!
  6. You can still file a claim with paypal, just file a snad and tell them that she sent you the wrong item and it was damaged. I would go look at her selling history as well to see if you can find the auction she had with the coat that she sent you, if there are pics of it in one of her auctions, she can't deny ever seeing it before.

    Good luck!
  7. If all else fails, let ebay know. Go to the, ratehr than, not sure which country you are in. Click on live help and tell them there. I dont think you did anyhting wrong. Ebay advise to try to resolve with seller first which is exactly what you did. Just let them know before she does the same thing with her own story. Good luck
  8. File your claim NOW. Explain in detail what happened and provide your shipping confirmation. I would also tell the seller not to send the coat back as it will not be accepted.
  9. open a claim ASAP. Did you take a pic of the coat you received?