Seller sent a different bag

  1. I am furious.
    This is a first for me. The seller has close to 1500 feedback and 99.5%

    I won a Marino Orlandi (I love them and they are all I carry and collect! I have 17 of various styles and colors now. They are unique, well made, perfect for me and not well known that I have ever seen a fake) and the seller sent a talbot. I have never even heard of a talbot and I hate the bag he sent me. He also included an envelope with ten dollars cash. I emailed him to tell him I will return the ten dollars and the talbot bag and I expect a full refund or for him to send the Marino Orlandi bag that I won. Still waiting for his response, but just wanted to vent. Blah!
    Is there anything else that I should do.
  2. OMG:cursing:

    I have never heard of that happening. I am so sorry for you and I hope you get it resolved quickly. Hopefully it was a legimate error??
  3. that would fall under "Not As Described". If it is a guy that is a seller, maybe he didn't know the difference in bags?
  4. Maybe it was a mistake? Like he got the two mixed up and sent the talbot instead of the bag you actually won. I don't understand why you would have got $10 in cash though?!?!?!
  5. What is a Talbot? Is that a type of bag? Why would he send you $10, that makes it seem like he knew he was doing something shady.
  6. Yah, what's Talbot? Another brand of bag?
  7. That is so weird. Maybe that package was meant for someone else and he got everything mixed up. I hope he answers soon. Let us know what happens.
  8. Some people I think are just too stupid to be selling on eBay. My brother bought a "down" comforter on eBay. When he got it it was some cheap cruddy comforter filled with polyester, NOT down. It was obvious. The seller insisted it was down and wouldn't refund his money. He actually had to get a letter from a drycleaner to prove to eBay it wasn't down (which any idiot could have been able to tell) and get his money back.

    I really shy away from ebay now. I used to love it but it seems overrun with idiots and scammers now.
  9. Talbot is the brand of the different bag. Never heard of it before either. Did not compare with Marino Orlandi in quality at all. Seller said sorry for mixup and to return it using the ten dollars for mailing. Just very odd, huh. One last weird thing is that it was sent from a different state than where the seller is located. I think perhaps, this is a seller assistant thingy or something. Hoping for this one to work out ok.
  10. report to ebay, and if you paid through paypal contact them too.

    paypal were really good when i had problems with sellers, they refunded me really quickly!
  11. Talbots is a clothing store and they do stock their own handbags. Basically "stock" bags made for the store. It is a classic line - old money - style clothing. Any one from North Jersey will know it as a "Ridgewood Store for Ridgewood Ladies".

    About the bag, probably just a mix up. Probably mailed several items together. I almost mixed up stuff I was selling once. Especially if the kids are commanding my attention when I am trying to ship something.

    Just email him again, he should have you return the bag & bonus, and he should contact the person who won the Talbot bag auction, because they probably have your bag. Good luck.
  12. I agree it is more likely to be cock up than conspiracy - I had a mixed up delivery a while ago and the seller was mortified that he'd sent a completely different tracksuit for my son than the one I had bought. A quick email and 24 hours later the replacement arrived.
  13. I hope it's just a mix up. I know when I have mailed several auctions at the same time I check them several times to make sure they are going where they should.

    I would sent it back with signature confirmation to his confirmed address. If he does not refudn your money then I would open a SNAD claim with PayPal, show them he accepted a return, and show them that you sent it back and he received it.

    Before sending it back I would also take pictures (with date stamp) to show it is not the same bag as the auction.
  14. I sure wish that I had read you last messege, ZoeyZoo, before I went to the post office to return it today. Those are all perfect ideas. I did send signature confirmation, but back to the state it came from (different than the seller's state) to the address that he asked me to send it to. I will keep the emails with his return instructions to the different addressi, just in case. This is just such an odd transaction. Thanks everyone. Hope that I get the right purse this time. or a refund.
  15. that definitely falls into the 'weird ebay story' catagory.

    sorry for your troubles, open a dispute under 'significantly not as described' if you hve to!

    good luck!