Seller Sends Me Discolored leather wallet and will not partially refund $! HELP!

  1. So I bought this Juicy Couture wallet in chocolate leather and the back of the wallet has marks on the side. Like water marks or handling markers that are darker than the leather and it looks bad.

    I email the seller asking for a partial refund and offer the seller pics of the discoloration.

    The seller says that the leather is just like that. The seller replies back that he wants me to just send them back the wallet for a refund but he won't refund my shipping and handling that I paid to get it and I have to pay for the shipping with tracking to get it to him!

    Why on earth would I loose money when he is the one who sent me something discolored?

    I have the pics ready to send him and I can't find my freaking cable to upload them!!!! SO now he probably thinks I am full of it.

    He then challenges me to do a paypal claim and says that he has been selling for many years and has over 300 positive feedbacks. So he will win anyway.

    What should I do?
  2. ^^Wow, I remember your post in Authenticate this Juicy. I'm sorry the transaction did not go smoothly. So there was a reason why the pictures were so blurry/unclear! :cursing:
    As far as 300 fb BS goes, don't worry about it. There are tons of sellers w/ 2000+ feedbacks who can lose a paypal claim. He's just bluffing to scare you away. As soon as you get your photos ready, send the pics to him. If you don't hear back from him soon (say in a day) or he writes back completely defensive/harassing, stop your communication with him and file a SNAD claim with paypal. What a loser!
  3. Unfortunately, the seller is under no obligation to refund postage fees... file a SNAD and call his bluff - if you can demonstrate the wallet is defective, you'll be ok. Make sure you can find a pic without discolouration though (either from an online shop or off the seller's listing), as he will no doubt claim the wallet is supposed to be like this.
  4. I'd rather be out return shipping fees, and that's always unfortunate, than put up with an item that is damaged. Maybe that's just me but I know I'd always resent that wallet.
  5. I'd return it. It's unfortunate that you lose the shipping fees, but I would be thankful that he offered to take it back so readily.
  6. I understood that if you win a SNAD dispute, you do pay the return shipping, but you get refunded your original shipping??

    Is it obvious in your photos the differences in the leather? You will need to show a clear difference to win a SNAD dispute. Can you borrow a camera?

    Personally, I'd put in a dispute. Don't like the attitude of this seller. 300 plus feedback doesn't mean much, and if he is so experienced, perhaps he should put a true and honest discription of his items in his auctions??

    Good luck