Seller says she'll give refund...then nothing!

  1. I bought a pair of shoes, which were sent promptly but were the wrong color. I contacted seller and she agreed to take them back and issue a refund. I sent them back USPS Priority w/Insurance, and delivery confirmation says she received it on 3/24. But she hasn't issued a refund yet...nor responded to any emails...should I just open up a Paypal dispute? Or do a chargeback first?
  2. She has had more than enough time to process your refund so open a Paypal Dispute, if she doesn't reply escalate to a claim immediately. Good luck!
  3. I agree. Open a dispute first.

    You usually can't do a chargeback until your statement closes anyway. My credit card makes me try to resolve it with the merchant and a Paypal dispute and the tracking number should suffice if it comes to that.

    I had this happen to me once but the dispute was enough to "scare" the seller.
  4. Yes, open dispute and provide the tracking number that you've sent back to seller.
  5. If you purchased with an AmEx, you can also contact them. They did a lot more for me than PayPal. Paypal is useless IMHO.
  6. I say open a dispute with paypal first. I have never had a problem with paypal before, thing is it only happened to me once, the process went smoothly.
  7. I agree, open the dispute with paypal first. You can always contact your credit card company after.
  8. I agree completely. I would not recommend doing both at the same time. Once Paypal gets wind you have opened a dispute with your CC they will automatically close your claim with them. Also provide PP with all the tracking info, etc and I'm positive you'll get your refund.
  9. Thanks guys, I opened a dispute...let's see what she says. *sigh*
  10. ^^ good luck! hopefully the seller refunds you quickly!
  11. keep your head up. as long as you have the tracking ifo to prove you sent it back, paypal *should * back you up. goodluck!