seller says no more pics?

  1. I'm curious what you would think in the following situation: I saw a bag I like on eBay and the pictures are all from the outside of the bag - various angles but only 3. The 4th picture is the stock photo from the website. I emailed the seller asking for pics of the inside. She emailed back and said that she did not take any pictures of the inside and that her picture taking skills are not that good.

    That was it... not that she would take some and sorry if they didn't come out that great or whatever... just that she didn't.

    Huh? Would that raise your suspicion? The seller has decent feedback and nothing to show it might be fake - and she has purchased other items of the same designer... just not sure what to think....
  2. Go with ur gut feeling!

    Post the auction link on here and get some feedback!
  3. anytime someone is like that it would make me not want to buy. if they are trying to sell the item they should be more than willing to show it. i know people steal pictures but water mark them heck put a note in the picture saying who you are. anything. oh well i say go with your gut.
  4. It's kind of suspicious.. why can't she just take the bad pictures and post them anyway? Ask her to do that and if she makes up another excuse for not being able to, then stay away is my advice!
  5. I don't know a lot about that brand, but something looks off about the bag. Try posting it in the Coach forum for authentication?

    I would skip this auction altogether though. I mean, I detest taking photos b/c it takes me forever to get a good pic, then re-size, etc. before finally getting it posted. But, I'll always try to 1) as proof that I have the bag in my possession and 2) give someone what they need to determine authenticity and save the headache of dealing with an unhappy buyer post-auction.
  6. I would skip it since she is declining to provide any interior shots. If she were selling an authentic bag and were interested in making the sale, she could have sent you a few shots and just mentioned that her photography skills aren't that good.
  7. Stay away! There is NO REASON not to take more pics unless she is trying to hide something. This happened to me once and I found out later that the reason she couldn't take more pics is because she was doing a bait and switch so she didn't even have that bag to take pics of!
  8. I would steer clear of any seller not willing to send me additional pics. I would have to seriously question if they even "have" the bag. JMO. V
  9. Looks like this seller will not provide good customer service. I'd stay away from her.
  10. I agree with the others... stay away. Even one somewhat bad shot of the interior would be better than nothing. I bet it has the wrong interior and that's why there is no shot...
  11. I would leave that alone! That is not good if they won't take more pics!
  12. Stay away. they have no business on eBay if they wont take additional pictures, particularly if there are interior shots lacking. she could email you bad pictures, she could at least make the effort.
    Also, its a good way to prove the bag is in their possession--asking for a pic of the bag with their seller name, or morning newspaper, etc.

    dont give your hard earned money to uncooperative sellers.
  13. I'd definitely stay away...I help authenticate on the LV board and anytime a seller won't give more pics that help show areas that help us authenticate the piece, it raises lots of red flags. As we say, no pics=no buy.
    It really bothers me how she wouldn't send a picture of the inside and sent a stock pic. That's bad news, right there.
  14. egh, i would also let it go, pics are not that hard to take and post when you wanna make money..